Welcome in PPCenter !

Just a quick message to announce that I'm about to make a major update to Pseudo Saturn Kai !
This time, development is on a crowdfunding basis, so everyone's help counts.
In advance, thank you for your contribution to a new Pseudo Saturn Kai ♪
2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.

Saturn docs


For some reasons, I wanted to read Saturn documentation directly from my web browser in HTML, so that I converted some files I am interested in.
If needed, you can download here all the HTML file in a single archive for local use. You can also download here the script and readme.txt in order to convert the PDF files by yourself.

Note: You can find original PDF documents in Antime's homepage.

Sega documentation:

Saturn Programming Manual Vol.1 Saturn Programming Manual Vol.2 SEGA Basic Library (SBL) Saturn Graphic Library (SGL)
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