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Saturn Reviews


Recently, I discovered that the homepage provider could enhance the disk space from 100MB to 1024MB in 3 cliks only : Very good ! Now I got about 950MB of useless disk space :D

So, I decided to put here some reviews about interesting Saturn games, and if possible, giving you an iso of the concerned game, so that you can test it.

Beware ! This is not a w*rez website ! I only put here iso of games that you cannot easily obtain, because they rare or unaffordable. For example, if I put a review of Panzer Dragoon, don't hope the iso to be here.

And as a reminder, I tell you that downloading game you haven't purchased is Bad and can be sentenced to death !

Christmas NiGHTSDecember 2005

Is there any other game more appropriated for Christmas ? I don't think so !

But let's speak of NiGHTS first : the legend say that in 1995, when Yuji Naka wanted to make a uncommon game to promote the Saturn, he had the inspiration of it while taking plane during night. Thus, NiGHTS (a strange flying purple guy) appeared, and you can control him in order to fight against 2 children's nightmares. Also, you have to collect rings, stars, blue spheres and points, which is a little more low-brow ...

Personnally, I like the scoring engine, which is a good balance between fast playing and catching items from time, so you don't play fast in a stupid way.

And what's the difference with Christmas NiGHTS ? This one is a demo offered for Christmas '96 with the 2 first levels of NiGHTS, some funny time sensitive features, and even some presents to find !

[game CD] [Title screen] [In-game screenshot] [Sonic present]

And if you still haven't, I advice you to buy the Japanese version of the game ! It is really worth the case, since you can find it at less than 3euros on eBay :)

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