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2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.

Saturn Cartridges

Saturn Homebrew Cartridges

This page is about some homebrew cartridges for Sega Saturn :

- USB dev cart
- Saturn Gamer's Cartridge

Too many cartridge models ? Here is a simple comparative chart for each of them #smile#
(Action Replay specs are given for reference only)

Cartridge Name Connectivity RAM ExtensionMain Feature
Action Replay Parallel Port, @10KB/s 4MB RAM Cheap, easy to buy
USB dev cart USB port, @300KB/s No extra RAM Fast USB transfer
Saturn Gamer's Cartridge#new#SD card, @40KB/s #new# No extra RAM XL-sized memory cartridge ! #new#

Came here to see Saturn homebrew cartridges pictures ? If so, gallery section is for you #smile#
Want even more ? Then please have fun in the custom shells section #hehe#

Saturn homebrew cartridges gallery
(click on the link to see more)
Custom Shells
Custom 3D printed shells
(click on the link to see more)

USB dev cart #anchor#

USB dev cart is a cartridge that plugs into Saturn cartridge port and allow USB-based fast data transfer between your Saturn and PC.
Main purpose of this cartridge is to upload binary/executable data to your Saturn, easing the development of homebrew applications on Saturn.
Note: I have not designed this cart from zero by myself. It is the result of antime's work.

What a Saturn USB dev cart looks like
USB dev cart rev 3
(More pictures here)
Some USB dev carts ready to ship
USB dev carts,
first batch I assembled #smile#
USB dev cart Rev 3
"Rev 3" cartridge, first public version by antime
USB dev cart Rev 1b
"Rev 1b" cartridge
USB dev cart Rev 1b
"Rev 1c" cartridge
USB dev cart Rev 2e
"Rev 2e" cartridge
USB dev cart (front)
USB dev cart
in official memory cartridge case.
USB dev cart (left)
Hole for USB connector
(hand-made ...)

Saturn Gamer's Cartridge #new# #anchor#

Codename : "SD MemCart" : this cartridge features a SD card interface and emulates backup memory cartridge behavior on SD card.
Fed up of limited memory size of your official memory cartridge ? Me too #smile#
Fed up of not being able to share your favorite Saturn RPG saves via internet to your gaming friends ? Me too #smile#

Gamer's Cartridge main features :

- Play import games. (*1)
- Play CD-R copy of your favorite games. (*2)
- Memory cartridge on SD card. (*2)
- Dump Saturn internal backup memory to SD card.
- Play small homebrew programs from SD card.

(*1) Bypass game region protection, so some games optimized for NTSC may not work well on PAL systems, and vice-versa.
(*2) Direct (in-game) save access, with relatively good game compatibility. Please check Pseudo Saturn Kai compatibility list for details.

IMPORTANT : Gamer's Cartridge is not an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) and consequently doesn't plays commercial games from SD card.
Please take a look here or here or here or here if you are looking for an ODE for your favorite game console.

I plan to add few more features in cartridge's firmware (upgradeable on user side). Please check my blog from time to time in order to be informed about latest features additions #smile#

Gamer's Cartridge
Gamer's Cartridge "2022 Edition"
that uses 3D printed shell.
Gamer's Cartridge
Gamer's Cartridge "2022 Edition"
in action on my unmodded Saturn.
Gamer's Cartridge with SF3sc1
Gamer's Cartridge (early prototype),
direct save example with
Shining Force III Scenario 1 :
video, making-of.
Gamer's Cartridge with Dezaemon 2
Gamer's Cartridge (release version),
direct save example with
Dezaemon 2 : video.
Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (a)
Gamer's Cartridge, PCB "Rev 3.3 (a)"
(More pictures here)
Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (b)
Gamer's Cartridge, PCB "Rev 3.3 (b)", with shell
(More pictures here)
Gamer's Cartridge Review
Saturn Gamer's Cartridge Review.
Video by retro dad and modern lad #smile#
Gamer's Cartridge Review
2022年版Gamer's CartridgeでサターンBIOS吸い出し手順のご紹介.

Wasca cartridge #anchor#

Under development. #trifaq# #crash#
Links : wasca.info (for buyers), wasca on github (for developers).
Also, you can check my blog for any non-official informations about Saturn cartridges and other miscellaneous things.

What this page is providing to me ?

This page is providing you ready-to-use Saturn Homebrew cartridges, as well as their PCB source files, and other technical stuff.

Basically, cartridges here (which includes PCB layout, ICs parts list, firmware source code) are open source, so if you are OK with electronics, SMD parts soldering and cartridge firmware installation, you can try to assemble your cartridge by yourself.
If you are beginner in electronics and motivated enough, this is a good occasion to learn electronics #smile#
But if you focus on using an homebrew cartridge for your beloved Saturn, then you may prefer to order a ready-to-use unit here.


Note : Currency used is USD (US Dollar, $).

Cartridges (with shell) :

- USB dev cart price : USD 47.
- Gamer's Cartridge price : USD 89.

Remarks about cartridge shell :

- Shell is made from Action Replay cartridge shell.
- Only white color are available. Black was available long ago, but no longer available now.
- Shell is in used state, and shell cutting and drillings are handmade.
- What it looks like : picture 1, picture 2.
- I sell cartridges with shell only.

Shipping :

Carts are shipped from Japan, and shipping price is described in EMS homepage in "Up to 500g" row.
EMS currency is JPY (Japanese Yen), and I convert it to USD when contacting your order details.

Examples :

- Shipping to USA is JPY 3900.
- Shipping to Europe is JPY 3150.

Shipping within Japan :
※ 実際の送料はゆうパック料金表、「60サイズ」区分です。

Shipping to South America #new# :
It is possible to send with registered air mail, which is a bit cheaper than EMS #smile#
Shipping costs are around USD 20. It depends on weight and destination.

Saturn Homebrew Cartridge Order Form #anchor#Stock last updated : 2023 April 23rd

日本国内向けにGamer's Cartridge販売中!
販売再開! カートリッジのケースは3Dプリントされたモノになります。


Gamer's Cartridge

Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge

Order form for international orders is currently unavailable.
It will be back soon after processing current orders.

Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge Gamer's Cartridge

Pre-order, pre-payment and anything else involving money aren't accepted while preparation of cartridges isn't terminated.
So if you went here to order a cartridge, please patiently wait for this page to be updated : this usually takes few days until returning back to available status.

How to wait until this page is updated ?

The best solution would be me to put a mailing list system here which would inform persons registered there at the right moment ... but homepage provider sometimes neglects to send email (hosting costs are from my pocket money, so no, I won't pay for something more performant) so this is not a reliable solution.

A laborious solution would be you to refresh this page frenetically, but I hope you have other things more interesting to do #smile#

So I would recommend to use a solution which emails you back when this page is updated, such as Visualping #smile#
This does the frenetical page refresh and update check for you, and shall email you at the right time when cartridges are available.

Note/disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with (nor receiving advertsement money from) Visualping, so can't be held responsible if you missed Saturn cartridge order, or your bus to school/work, or the opportunity of your life, or anything else !

Cartridge Order Flow #anchor#

How ordering a cartridge works :

1. Patiently wait until cartridge order flow is available above.
2. Select your cartridge and fill out informations in the order form.
3. Read the cartridge disclaimer and verify everything is as expected.
4. By clicking on "Send" button, an email containing your order informations is sent to me.
5. Then, after receiving your message, I transmit you the total price and when I can ship your cart to you.
6. After that, and if everything is OK, I ask for your shipping address, in order to write EMS shipping form.
7. When your cart is ready to be shipped, I send you my paypal address where you need to send the money to.
8. After receiving the money, I send you your cartridge by EMS and your parcel tracking number by email.


1. カートリッジ注文表が表示されるまでに待機
2. カートリッジ機種、ケース色やラベルの仕様決定
3. 注意事項について問題がなければ確認
4. 送付先の決定
5. 送料を含めて料金の確定
6. 封筒や送り状の準備
7. お支払い(注意:ペイパルのみ対応しています)
8. 送付及びゆうパック追跡Noのご連絡

Note about cartridge firmware :
By default, Pseudo Saturn Kai is installed in your cartridge.
It's possible to upgrade cartridge firmware on your side. Please do it at your own risks.
I'm not responsible of any damage caused by firmware upgrade !

(Common sense) rules around ordering process :

- Please don't contact me if you currently don't have money to purchase a cartridge : it's a waste of time for both of us.
- No preorder, no reservation. I simply don't like to sell something that is not assembled/flashed/tested/etc.
- No credit. I receive money, then send cartridge.
- I wait for payment for two (2, 1.414…2) days. If payment is not received after this delay, cartridge is put back for sale.
- I'm not a machine, so salutation words ("Hi", "Regards", etc) in your message are always appreciated #smile#
- Don't. Send. Many. Emails. At. Once. Grouping all your messages in a single one is better #magic#


- カートリッジの注文はメールの交換で行いますので、注文フォームにてメールアドレスを入力してください。
- スパムメール対策のため、「ホームページ管理者の好きなゲーム機(英字6文字)」のチューリング・テストを入力してください。
- お支払いの通貨はUSD(米ドル)です。
- お支払いのタイミング「仕様確認後、送付前」です:予約や着払い等は対応していません。
- 返品、交換等も対応しません。
- デザエモン2向けの説明及び操作手順等はデザエモンDBにて参照できます。

Dezaemon DB

Pour commander une cartouche Saturn #anchor#

(For French customers only #beret#)
Si vous habitez en France, je vous conseille de grouper plusieurs commandes via le forum de Darius, afin de réduire les fdp.


- Infos diverses : [TUTO] cartouches , pour tout savoir.
- Topic de ventes : Les Nouvelles Ventes de Darius - Ca Vient d'Arriver.

カートリッジの代行注文 - Cartridge Order via proxy in Japan#anchor#


※ ご購入後、カートリッジの使い方等について不明点がありましたら、直接こちらへお問い合わせください。

Disclaimer #anchor#

Gamer's Cartridge is "just" a XL-sized memory cartridge using SD card which also plays CD-R games : it is not an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) and consequently doesn't plays commercial games from SD card. Please take a look here or here or here or here if you are interested in such kind of device.

Gamer's Cartridge doesn't feature extra RAM, so the few games requiring it (Metal Slug, and several fighting games. Complete list available on satakore.com) aren't compatible with Gamer's Cartridge.

Gamer's Cartridge doesn't support of ODEs other than Rhea/Phoebe or Fenrir is not guaranteed. So for example in the case of Terraonion MODE, cartridge backup access may not work.

Cartridges are hand-made : electronic components are hand-soldered, holes for LEDs and SD card socket are drilled and filed by hand, labels are printed, cut and sticked by hand, etc. So please don't order cartridge here if you're expecting to get something made at professional quality.

The cartridge may sometimes not boot to Pseudo Saturn Kai menu. This is usually caused by an improper connection in Saturn cartridge slot and is fixed by adjusting position of the cartridge.

(Same disclaimer as above, translated in Japanese)
・Gamer's Cartridgeでは拡張ラムが搭載されていませんので拡張ラムを使用するゲーム(SNKゲームなど、一覧表はこちら)は非対応です。
・サターン本体との相性によって、カートリッジからPseudo Saturn Kai画面へ起動しない場合があります。

Download #anchor#Last updated : 2016-06-13

You can extract files from archives by using 7zip software.

#new#SEGA_Saturn_USB_devcard_Win7_64.pdf USB dev cart setup manual
for Win 7 64 bit
#new#SatLink_20170119.7z Software for use on Windows OS
(sources included, works with Pseudo Saturn Kai)
usb_dev_cart_driver_20120723.7z Driver for use on Windows OS
(online readme)

PCB sources :

20160601_usbcart-kicad_r1a.7z Cartridge Rev 1a PCB sources
usbcart-kicad_20121012_Rev1b.7z Cartridge Rev 1b PCB sources
usbcart-kicad_20121202_Rev1c.7z USB dev cart Rev 1c PCB sources
20140801_usbcart-kicad_r2e.zip USB dev cart Rev 2e PCB sources
20140801_usbcart-kicad_r2f.zip Cartridge Rev 2f PCB sources
20160601_usbcart-kicad_r31.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.1 PCB sources
20160601_usbcart-kicad_r33.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 PCB sources
20160601_usbcart-kicad_r33_a.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (a) PCB sources
20160714_usbcart-kicad_r33_b.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (b) PCB sources
20160714_usbcart-kicad_r34.7z USB dev cart Rev 3.4 PCB sources
#new#20181021_usbcart-kicad_r34a.7z USB dev cart Rev 3.4 (a) PCB sources
20180829_usbcart-kicad_Rev33_c.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (c) PCB sources
20181015_usbcart-kicad_Rev33_d.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (d) PCB sources
20190227_usbcart-kicad_Rev33_e.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (e) PCB sources
#new#20220114_usbcart-kicad_Rev33_f.7z Gamer's Cartridge Rev 3.3 (f) PCB sources
KiCad 2012-01-19 installer (Win32, 146MB) KiCad used to design PCBs until Rev 3.x
(MD5: 123A626FD4DE4341AC556E4BB8D92EAE)

Source files/old files that are not needed for cartridge normal usage :

SatCom_release_20131014.7z Software for use on Windows OS [Old]
(sources included)
usb_cartrom_20130607.7z USB dev cart firmware sources [Old]
(online readme)
usb_cartrom_20120723.7z USB dev cart firmware sources [Old]
SatLink_20120723.7z Software for use on Windows OS [Old]

Note #1 : Some of these softwares are adapted from antime's homepage.

Note #2 : Win7 64 bit setup manual is provided by the courtesy of Duranik team #smile#


- 2019/06/02: Added Rev 3.3 (c), (d) and (e) PCB sources.
- 2016/11/14: Added Rev 3.3 (b) and Rev 3.4 PCB sources.
- 2016/06/13: Added Rev 3.1, 3.3, 3.3 (a) PCB sources, and Kicad "2012-01-19" installer (Win32).
- 2014/09/09: Added "Rev 1b" PCB sources.
- 2014/11/21: Added "Rev 2e" and "Rev 2f" PCB sources.
- 2013/10/14: Added updated firmware sources.
- 2013/06/18: Added Win7 64 bit setup manual.
- 2013/06/07: Added "Rev 1c" prototype PCB and latest firmware sources.
- 2012/07/23: First release of USB dev cart firmware, driver and software.

Cartridge Labels #anchor#Last updated : 2016-07-28

Several labels are available for download here. Please choose and print your favorite one #smile#

cartridge label

Name : Cassini.
Label that will remember you the good old times when Sega codenamed their projects with planets names #smile#
Credits : Nasa/JPL (Saturn picture) and jjennings089.
cartridge label

Name : PCB.
A label for thoses who like to route PCBs #smile#
Credits : jjennings089.
cartridge label

Name : CDROM.
Label designed for Gamer's Cartridge PCB Rev 3.3 and Rev 3.3 (a).
Credits : Thales Peres.
cartridge label

Name : Deza_Black.
#new# Label for Dezaemon 2 fans #smile#
Credits : beebaraka (artwork) and Dezaemon DB (editing).
cartridge label

Name : Deza_White.
#new# Label for Dezaemon 2 fans #smile#
Credits : beebaraka (artwork) and Dezaemon DB (editing).
cartridge label

Name : PCB2.
Label designed for Gamer's Cartridge PCB Rev 3.3 and Rev 3.3 (a).
cartridge label

Name : USB.
Label designed for USB dev cart.
cartridge label

Name : USB_BW.
Label designed for USB dev cart.
cartridge label

Name : Rev 3.1.
Label designed for Gamer's Cartridge PCB Rev 3.1.
cartridge labels
What label look like after being printed and cut.

Want to print a label for your cartridge ?
No problem : please use the ready-to-print (A4 size) image below #smile#

#new#labels_deza_20170317.pdf (6 MB) (PNG, 7 MB) Dezaemon 2 labels in a single A4 page
labels_20160728.pdf (3 MB) (PNG, 8 MB) All other labels above in a single A4 page

FAQ #anchor#

Q: What is the difference between Gamer's Cartridge and USB dev cart ?
A: USB dev cart allows fast USB transfer between Saturn and PC and also plays CD-R games : it's useful for Saturn homebrew software developers, not very useful for other people.
Gamer's Cartridge is a XL-sized memory cartridge using SD card which also plays CD-R games.
If you want to have fun in playing Saturn games (especially the ones using backup memory cartridge such as RPGs, Dezaemon 2, etc.), then Gamer's Cartridge is the best choice for you.
If want to play Saturn games, and occasionally make some small homebrew programs, Gamer's Cartridge choice is still OK since it allows to execute homebrew programs from SD card.
If you want to do intensive Saturn game/application development, with large programs and data files, gdb usage, etc, then you may prefer USB dev cart.

Q: Can I play official/backup Saturn games when using the USB dev cart ?
A: Yes, Pseudo Saturn Kai allows this.

Q: My cartridge doesn't works !
A: Please contact me in order to describe precisely what's wrong with your cartridge.
If your cart can be repaired, all the shipping fees, as well as the money needed to purchase replacement ICs are at your charge.
(Note : each cartridges are tested before shipping.)

Q: Can you discount your carts ?
Q: PCB costs x $ from that manufacturer, ICs cost y $ from that seller, so how about selling your cart at x + y $ ?
A: Short answer : I. don't. discount.
Detailed answer : x + y is parts/material costs. You forgot to add the following items in cartridge cost :

- Shipping costs from PCB manufacturer and ICs salers.
- Risks taken when producing several carts at once (if I make 10 PCBs and sell only 3, what should I do with the remaining 7 ones ?)
- Time taken to solder ICs, to flash firmware(s), to test cartridge.
- Tools and consumables items cost : soldering flux, tin, soldering iron, etc, etc.
- Time spent in designing this homepage, costs for hosting it.
- Time spent in desigining cartridge PCBs.
- Time spent in developing cartridge firmware.

I probably forgot a lot, but I hope you understood : cartridges are developped, assembled, tested and supported on my free time. I don't plan to pay my loans from selling Saturn cartridges : I have a regular job for this.
I set cartridge price to something reasonable for an homebrew item, and hope to sell enough carts in order to pay current cartridge prototyping costs. If I charged everything listed above, I doubt cartridge individual price would even fit in a 3 digits USD price.
Maybe your culture is tolerant regarding price discount. I personally hate price discount.

Q: I want to make a custom cartridge ! Are you ready to listen to my requirements and specifications ?
A: NO. Because I do Saturn things for fun during my spare time.

Q: Where are the tools in order to use USB dev cart under Linux ?
A: There are several tools available for linux users :

- ssload tool from libyaul, by mrkotfw.
- Saturn USB dev tool, by Razor85.
- ftx utility, by antime.

Note #1: Each tools have their own pros and cons, so please select by yourself the most suitable tools for your needs.
Note #2: Before shipping, USB dev carts are tested under Windows. I don't guarantee them to work on Linux.

Q: When using Gamer's Cartridge, does using an extra large SD card will provide more free room for memory cartridge ?
A: No : this won't change anything, so using a reasonably sized SD card is OK #smile#
The reason about this limitation is that showing SD card whole capacity to games may cause compatibility issues regarding digits to display, or when calculating free remaining size, etc. As a countermeasure, Gamer's Cartridge is shown with contents similar to official memory cartridge, but with enough remaining space to make all games happy when verifying if cartridge have enough free room to store their saves.

Q: Does Gamer's Cartridge have limitation regarding saves count or size or anything else ?
A: As long as there is free space on SD card, enough remaining size in backup memory cartridge is show to game, so in the facts, size limitation shouldn't cause problems.
On the other side, save data count is limited to 400. This is inherent to Gamer's Cartridge implementation and is set to this value in order to avoid performance degration when accessing memory cartridge.
Please note however that it is possible to archive save data with Save Data Dump feature, which isn't affected with this count limitation. So this limitation should not be a problem for a normal usage of Gamer's Cartridge.

Q: Is there a FAQ regarding Pseudo Saturn Kai ?
A: Yes, it is available on its own page.

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