Welcome in PPCenter !

Just a quick message to announce that I'm about to make a major update to Pseudo Saturn Kai !
This time, development is on a crowdfunding basis, so everyone's help counts.
In advance, thank you for your contribution to a new Pseudo Saturn Kai ♪
2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.

Make a donation


Thank you for considering in making a donation #smile#
Monetary donations and crowdfunding are possible; both have different purposes, so please make sure to select the type fitting the most to your requirements.

Contribute on patreon #anchor#

Contributions to my patreon page are used for Pseudo Saturn Kai development : when enough founds are gathered then I engage to develop a given feature in a given amount of time, and to periodically give details how the project is going.

Manufacturing and hosting of software cost nearly nothing, but development requires know-how, skills and time, which have a cost. On the top of that, I currently have to set priorities about projects I find or coming in mind and to decide which one I should start when organizing my free time.
And patreon is here to "adjust" my priorities about some secondary projects : if there is enough public interest then I postpone projects I personally find interesting in favor of projects the public is considering to be interesting.

Paypal donation #anchor#

Donation via paypal is possible, but please note that it is a donation, hence to give without any guarantee of something in return. So rather than a way to request something, please consider a donation as a way to give me a reward for the work done so far.
If you want something in return, then a contribution on my patreon page may be a good choice.

To make things clear, I don't accept any donation that require me to develop your favorite project in exchange. Everyone including me have their favorite projects, and as I don't even have enough time to my favorite projects, it is very unlikely I will have enough time to do other people's #magic#

Send a Message #anchor#

Want to donate something, but currently short on money ? How about sending me a kind message, or leaving a comment on my blog ? I can't guarantee to answer everything I receive, but it is always heartwarning to receive kind messages from Saturn players #bisoo#

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