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Planet de Pon


This page is about "Planet de Pon", an homebrew game for the Sega Saturn.

At first, this is an "action puzzle game" for the Super Famicom, which is more know in Europ as Tetris Attack. As this game is one of my favorites, I decided to adapt it for the Saturn in order to get started with Saturn programming ...

This game has been made with the help of SaturnOrbit and SaturnGameTutorial in quite a short time ! So it is the proof that programming on Saturn isn't so difficult ! Why not trying to make your own game on this wonderful console ? ;)

Download2005-12-24, 18:45 (Annecy)

Here are 3 files you have to download to play the game :

Iso file : Planet_de_Pon.zip Last updated on December 24 of 2005
MP3 file : pdp_01_intro.mp3 Last updated on November 30 of 2005
MP3 file : pdp_02_endless.mp3 Last updated on November 30 of 2005

Changes from the previous versionVer. 542

- Changed a condition to shade the bottom line or not. If you noticed it, you should be a good player :]
- Added critical time : the game is more playable now.
- Added points for combos.
- It is possible to raise the stack with R button.
- Source cleaning.
- Bugfix in gameplay regarding bottom line blocks simplification.
- Improvements in GFX program creator.

For a complete changelog, see the readme.txt that comes with the zip file of the game.

How ot play

See the readme.txt that comes with the zip file.

Okay, it's incomplete, but I will make beautiful explanations, screenshots, and even videos of the game when I will have enough time :)

Source code2006-01-13, 18:41 (Annecy)

Source code of the game is availabe in a Winrar archive wich also includes musics, pictures, and some tools to convert them.

Rar file : Planet_de_Pon_src.rar Last updated on January 13 of 2006

Thanks !


The game has been first prize rewarded at the Classic Console Coding Contest :)

Thanks to all to concerned people !

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