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Gamer's Cartridge back soon ? (2023/02/28)

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Before February ends I should hurry to write an article here ... it's not like I'm forced to write things here, but as I'm paying to make my homepage being publicly available, it would be a good idea to put some contents on it from time to time

So, today topic is Gamer's Cartridge : few years ago I announced the end of their production, basically because I was lacking of free time to assemble new ones and also because I was lacking of a good plan to get cartridge shells.

Free time is still a problem, but as Gamer's Cartridge have the advantage to be easy to assemble, it is possible to produce some cartridges ... at a limited speed, but possible anyway.

The problem of cartridge shells is solved thanks to 3D printable case designed by zone66x : for a long time, Gamer's Cartridge was relying on Action Replay shells but now it uses original (and classy !) shells

I plan to open back Gamer's Cartridge sales around March 12th at the usual place, so please stay tuned until that time

大変遅くなりましたが、3月中旬にGamer's Cartridgeの販売を再開する予定です!


2023 March 10th update : some cartridges are added on Mercari Japan. Please wait for a few days until I make available them from my homepage too.
Don't hesitate to write a comment on this article in the case of any question regarding Gamer's Cartridge or when they will be available back in stock etc.

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Happy New Year (2023/01/29)

Written by cafealpha 2 comments
Well, I'm quite late, but as we are still in January I wish everyone still reading this blog an happy new year for 2023 !!!

There wasn't any release of Pseudo Saturn Kai in 2022 but this doesn't means the project stalled.
Last year was dedicated to Satiator support, improvements of cheat codes list as well as many other small improvements here and there. Please stay tuned until next release of Pseudo Saturn Kai

Wishing only an happy new year is a bit cheap as a blog post, so I would like to introduce the marvelous christmas present I received last month : a pair of slippers from my favorite movie !!

Deluxe Slippers
Speed 【*    】
Warmness 【**** 】
Laught 【*****】

For comparison, here are the slippers I was using so far. They are completely weary but quite convenient during summer.
Basic Slippers
Speed 【**** 】
Warmness 【*    】
Laught 【**   】

I like these Deluxe Slippers so much that every morning is a pleasure to put them at the right place in the entrance to see Victor Pivert and Mohamed Larbi Slimane to welcome me back when I return back home on late night

昨年はPseudo Saturn Kaiのリリースはなかったが、リリースを怠けた分開発に専念できたので今年こそ新しいPseudo Saturn Kaiが出来上がると思います。お楽しみにしてください!

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Outlet Cartridges Flash Sale ! (2022/11/12)

Written by cafealpha 12 comments
2022/11/16 update : Orders are closed for this sale. Thank you everyone and happy playing !
In the case you arrived too late, another batch of cartridges will be available at the end of this month

2022/11/16更新 : 完売いたしました。今月末に販売を再開する予定♪

Last time I mentioned Gamer's Cartridge in this blog, it was the matter of selling last carts I had at that time and to eventually assemble new carts at the conditions of finding appropriate shells for them.

This was nearly one year ago and after writing this article I went bored of not assembling cartridges.
So I gave a try in "That's It Guys" 3D printing service ! In addition of being able to assemble Gamer's Cartridge, it is also possible to take a look to videos of the shells being printed !

Next batch of Gamer's Cartridge will be available on my homepage at the end of this month. But before that, some carts whose 3D printing didn't went well are for sale here.

As this sale is about cartridges whose shells are in "outlet" condition, the price is lower than usual.
So if you are on a low budget, this is a good occasion to get a Gamer's Cartridge. And if you want a regular cartridge, then please wait for around two or three weeks until next batch is ready.

BTW, 3D print files for Gamer's Cartridge shells are open source. So if you want to try to print a better shell for your cartridge, this flash sale is for you !
Thingiverse page : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3684074
The page contains several variations of STL files and printing of the following ones is recommended :
 - gamers_cart_front.stl
 - gamers_cart_back_mascot.stl

As only 4 outlet cartridges are available and that all of them have unique features, it is required to publicly specify which cartridge to purchase by posting a comment on this article.
Also, it is necessary to indicate an email address in the appropriate field when writing the comment so that I can contact you back to continue the ordering of the cartridge.
Rule to be selected for the ordering of a cartridge is "first-come first-served" so if someone wrote a comment with the ID of your favorite cartridge, please select another cartridge or wait for next regular or flash sale.

List of cartridges available : (please click on the pictures to see them in details)
 - "Blue" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the letters as well as the logo are poorly printed.

 - "Grey #1" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the surface of the case as well as letters are poorly printed.
Also, one side of the shell bent during the printing, which caused the cartridge not fitting into its slot.
This was fixed by manually filing the edges of the shell.

 - "Grey #2" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
(Same condition as "Grey #1", hence not taken in picture)
As shown on the picture, the surface of the case as well as letters are poorly printed.
Also, one side of the shell bent during the printing, which caused the cartridge not fitting into its slot.
This was fixed by manually filing the edges of the shell.
- -

 - "Transparent" : half-transparent shell, USD 53 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the 3D print result is in poor condition and may break easily.
This is a good deal if you are ready to print another shell by yourself, or to take extreme care of this cartridge.

Cartridges support in-game backup memory access to SD card, Pseudo Saturn exploit (play games copied onCD-R), cheat codes and smooth support of Rhea/Phoebe and Fenrir ODEs.
On the other hand 1MB/4MB expansion RAM, CD-ROM emulation or any other advanced features are not supported.

Pricing of the cartridge is as indicated above and shipping is described in EMS homepage in "Up to 500g" row.
So for example of blue cartridge ordered from USA, the total is USD 61 + JPY 3900 (around USD 28) = USD 89.

Payment method is Paypal only.
Shipping method is EMS only, so please verify if it can be delivered in your country.
If you live in a country not (yet ?) covered by EMS, the only alternative is surface mail, which takes an eternity to deliver (well, I exaggerate, but three months is quite long for a small package to arrive) and not super well tracked too.

(Lower half of this article in same as above but in Japanese. All your bases are belong to us)



 - 「Blue」 : 青色ケース、USD 61 (約8,460円)+送料

 - 「Grey #1」 : 灰色ケース、USD 61 (約8,460円)+送料

 - 「Grey #2」 : 灰色ケース、USD 61+送料 = USD 65 (約9,000円)
(「Grey #1」と同様のため、写真を撮っていません)
- -

 - 「Transparent」 : 半透明ケース、USD 53+送料 = USD 57 (約7,900円)

カートリッジはGamer's Cartridgeです。詳細については デザエモンDBMDの窓のご確認お願いします。( 当ホームページは英語がメインのためお勧めしません^^; )

送料は日本全国一律JPY 600 (約USD 4)です。

※ ケースの3D印刷ファイルは公開されています。そのため、今回のアウトレット販売は3Dプリンターで挑戦してみたい方にお勧めです。
Thingiverseページ : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3684074
 - 表面: gamers_cart_front.stl
 - 裏面: gamers_cart_back_mascot.stl

ページの下にWrite a commentのところで以下の欄を記入:
 Name: 適当なハンドル名 (本名は記入しないでください)
 E-mail: メールアドレス (ブログに公開されません)
 Site: 空欄
 Comment: カートリッジIDを記載
  例:「Grey #1」カートリッジを購入したいです
 スパムチェック: サターンを英字で記入



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EMS is Back ! (2022/06/10)

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Something new today ?!

The last column ?! Can't it be ?!

YEAH ! EMS to France is finally available back !!!

Sadly there are still many European countries still not reachable by EMS, but let's hope that situation will improve soon
Regarding delivery to France, a special parcel that was waiting for several months can finally be sent

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USB dev cart Flash Sale (2022/05/17)

Written by cafealpha 9 comments
USB dev cart status (2022/05/29)
 - Back shell #1 : reserved → sent
 - Black shell #2 : reserved → sent
 - White shell : reserved → sent
All carts are sent. Sorry if you arrived too late !

Long time no see ! Thank you for still keeping an eye on my blog 

As the title suggests, I have some USB dev cart available for sale.
Quantity is an amazing three cartridges, but hopefully it should be enough to satisfy the Saturn homebrew developers in the need of such kind of item.

USB dev cart trio

These carts use more or less the same design as original version by antime, which is not bad for a project launched in 2012, i.e. one decade ago.

This batch of cartridges was assembled basically in order to get rid of the small stock of electronic components specific to USB dev cart I was still keeping for several years.

Because of that and also the fact I'm now really low on Action Replay shells (I still have a couple of black shells, but I keep them as a souvenir), this is the very last occasion to get an USB dev cart using Action Replay shell and design similar to the original one from 2012.
If after that I really need to assemble new USB dev cart, this will probably use a 3D-printed shell and all discrete logic would be packed into a CPLD, but to be honest, there's no plan to assemble more USB dev carts in a near or middle-term future.

Because of limited quantity, ordering is done by posting a comment with the color (white or black) of the cartridge you want to purchase. Apart from the color, please don't forget to indicate your email in the appropriate field when writing the comment so that I can contact you back to continue the ordering of the cartridge.

Rule to be selected for the ordering of a cartridge is "first-come first-served" so if all three cartridges are reserved, then you're free to post a comment anyway (it's free, I don't beg for your personal information, and sometimes I even reply to comments) but unfortunately this won't grant you a ticket to order an USB dev cart.
(If you really need one but arrived too late, then please drop me an email and explain me why you need an USB dev cart)

Pricing for one cartridge is as indicated below :
 - USB dev cart (x1) : USD 65
 - Shipping to USA or Europe : JPY 2400 = USD 18
 - Total : USD 83

Shipping method is EMS, whose availability is "random" : if there isn't Buk missile system between your country and Japan, and also if your country is not closed because of a pandemic then you have a chance to be eligible for parcels being delivered by EMS from Japan ... but don't be too optimistic and please check the EMS availability page in order to be sure that delivery can be done.

If EMS is not available, then B-plan is surface mail which takes around three months to arrive and cost more or less the same as EMS. This expensive and slow shipping method sounds like a fraud but it's a thing (by the past I send cartridges via surface mail, and their owners are now happy to play Saturn games), and this will be an unique occasion for your cartridge to enjoy a cruise in the middle of all the oceans of this planet without any tracking information being updated during that period.

Modern shipping is fast, scanned, tracked and always connected like the average salaryman on a business trip, but on the other hand surface mail is like enjoying a digital detox during a 100 days cruise and making ties with other parcel friends in the meanwhile. The more I write about surface mail the more I am jealous about it and want to retire my work of IT, take a backpack and enjoy to be alive

To add more to the monologue about EMS, it has to be noted that pricing will be "revised" from June 1st, as described in this page, or this one in Japanese.
As a consequence, shipping fee to USA for one cartridge will change from 2400 Yens now to 3900 Yens on next month.
Back in 2015, the cost to send one cartridge was 1200 Yens (roughly USD 10), and then EMS discretely "revised" it to 1500 Yens on June 2016, and then the lowest weight range was "revised" from 300 grams to 500 grams and consequently shipping fee jumped to 2000 Yens.
In 10 years, shipping fee to send one cartridge tripled ... I wished the same performance boost for my salary but I miserably failed. Dear EMS, you won the race and congratulate you for that.

Trivia about EMS price chart : did you know that price changes according to the language the price chart page is displayed ?
EMS price chart in Japanese.
Fun fact : total shipping fees to send 5300 Saturn cartridges
is equivalent to the price of a kidney on black market.

EMS price chart in English.
Proudly fixed by myself to adjust language barrier

I suppose that the folks behind EMS have a special excuse to justify that ... maybe because of the cost it required to translate the page, or more probably because pricing is decided by throwing darts on a calendar, then multiplying all numbers being hit until getting a result higher than previous one.

If this guess is right, then maybe the person in charge of deciding the price to put on Japanese page hit 6, 25 and 26 (6*25*26 = 3900) and that the the person in charge of deciding the price to put on English page hit 5, 25 and 28 (5*25*28 = 3500). Each respective darts were quite close but unfortunately both prices don't match

  • There are three USB dev cart for sale
  • USB dev cart is a cartridge for developers on Saturn game console
  • Fast shipping is not available for a majority of European countries
  • Slow shipping is available almost everywhere, but it takes three months to arrive
  • Fast shipping will cost even more from next month.
  • According to Japanese post home page, shipping cost depends of your mother tongue

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