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Just a quick message to announce that I'm about to make a major update to Pseudo Saturn Kai !
This time, development is on a crowdfunding basis, so everyone's help counts.
In advance, thank you for your contribution to a new Pseudo Saturn Kai ♪
2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.

Translation - Ninpen Manmaru

Translation - Ninpen Manmaru

Ninpen Manmaru

Welcome to the Ninpen Manmaru Project ! The aim of this is to get the game translated into english.
This translation project is not from me (cafe-alpha) : I just re-hosted the original translation page for this project, because it was a pity to see it available only in archive.org #smile#

What is Ninpen Nanmaru? #anchor#

Ninpen Manmaru is a 3D platform game for the Sega Saturn. It was made by Enix and Tam Tam.
It is based on the manga made by Mikio Igarashi by Gangan Comics. There is also some animation produced from this it.
More information about this game can be found on satakore.com.

Patch It Yourself #anchor#

If you already have the Ninpen Manmaru game you can patch it and make it into english with the utility below.

#new#NinPen_trans_20191014.7z Translation patch utility v0.3
+ patch instructions, etc in readme file.
NinPen_trans_20180202.7z Translation patch utility v0.2

To patch the game, just extract all the files from the archive above, add iso file dumped from the game in the same folder, and double click transpatch.bat file.
Game iso file is updated with translated files, and original iso file is copied into `backup' folder.
More informations can be found in patch utility readme file.

F.A.Q. #anchor#

Q: Why do "Press Enter to continue patching at your own risks" message is displayed ?

Corrupted Iso Error

A: This error happens when some file(s) couldn't be extracted correctly from original iso file.
Please re-dump your game and give another try. If re-dumping the game didn't solved this problem, it is possible to continue translation patching by pressing Enter key, but this doesn't guarantees game will be playable after that.

Errors regarding NINMES.DA and NINOMAKE.DA files doesn't seem to cause problem while playing, so it is safe to ignore the error and continue ... at your own risk. Please contact me if it seems to cause problem.

Q: Why do "Error : please verify that xyz.iso is NinPen Manmaru iso" message is displayed ?

Wrong Iso Error

A: It seems you're trying to patch the wrong iso file. Please verify that you copied Ninpen Manmaru iso file in translation patch folder.
Please note that in the case several iso files are copied in translation patch folder, first one in alphabetical order is selected by patch utility, so it's not recommended to copy unrelated iso files in translation patch folder.

Changelog #anchor#

What has been done so far :

2019/10/14, cafe-alpha :
- Simple fix regarding black screen after beating final boss.

2018/01/31, cafe-alpha :
- Added user-friendly patch utility.
- Re-hosted original project page here.

2001/05/14, Alex-Kid :
- Located the text for all story sequences.
- Worked out how to use all English fonts in 16x16 format.
- Worked out the pointer including the timing system.
- Done a test version to make sure all runs well, it does.
- Translation finished.
- Worked out the correct way to hack it, made it even easier.
- Finished hacking and made a beta version.
- Released a P.I.Y. based on the beta version of the hack.

I need help ! #anchor#

Translating messages written directly on images should be cool, but so far I could only locate and extract images for save selection and warnings related to low backup memory.
If someone is ready to help in beta testing and in locating other screens requiring translation, that would be appreciated.
Also, I'm hopeless when it comes to do some artistic image edition, so anybody with experience in digital arts and willing to help is welcome.
Please contact me if you can help #smile#

Credits #anchor#

- Ninpen Manmaru : Enix / TamTam, 1997
- Game Hack : Alex Kid
- Translation : Simon Fang
- Original translation page : Alex Kid
- Patch utility : cafe-alpha

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