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Just a quick message to announce that I'm about to make a major update to Pseudo Saturn Kai !
This time, development is on a crowdfunding basis, so everyone's help counts.
In advance, thank you for your contribution to a new Pseudo Saturn Kai ♪
2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.


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Welcome to P.P. Center !.
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Tools that helped me to learn Japanese2015-06-09, 09:53 (Japan)

A long time ago (somewhere in 2006~2008), when I was learning Japanese language, there was a software that changed everything in my life : JWPce.
Thanks to this software, I could type Japanese words, translate them into English/French, look for weird kanji meaning, etc #smile#.

As a good geek, I made several modifications to JWPce so that it could fit my needs :

- Windows version with extended support of French language.
- DS adaptation, with some (not all) nice features from JWPce.

Kanji radical input
Kanji radical input on my DSlite.

You can find more informations about theses modified versions in the appropriate section :

>>> My JWPce section <<<

Just Moved !2014-02-26, 18:26 (Japan)

P.P. Center has just moved from free.fr to ppcenter.webou.net, so please update your bookmarks !
The main reason of moving my homepage was the fact that free.fr doesn't allows FTP connection outside from France, which made homepage maintenance difficult and time consuming.
I know that using VPN in order to comply FTP country detection would had done the job, but sincerely, why giving my homepage personal informations to a third party VPN server when registering to webou.net is that simple ?

I sincerely hope that webou.net won't cause technical problem, and share the next 10 years with this homepage provider ... and you #smile#

So, what's new in this homepage ?
I added a devblog, so that I can easily write Saturn-related articles, and you can write some comments too !
My homepage is still not a so-called "web 2.0" page, let's rather say something like "web 1.1" (or "web 5.3" if you prefer).
Twitter/Facebook/google+/whatever buttons are not present in this page, and won't be for a while. Hope you will enjoy my homepage anyway.

Note: old pages in previous homepage provider remain as-is. I just renamed all index.php to index_old.php in order to allow redirect to this homepage.
Example #1 : old SatCart page
Example #2 : old SatCom page
and so on ...
Please keep theses old pages in your bookmarks in case this new homepage provider would get down.

Dumped all my Saturn backups !2012-01-19, 23:42 (Japan)

Hello dear googlebots and maybe you, the last human people still interested in my crappy homepage.
Dear ppcenter devoted fan, I don't forget you, so that I write some news here *cough cough* regularly.

Oh ! By the way ! I just realized that my homepage just became 6 years old !
Happy birthday dear homepage ! And I wish a long life to the php scripts I wrote between 2 classes when I was student.
Let's do some statistics now !
I posted 5 news so far.
Which is an average of around 0.8333 news per year. #smile#

Well, let's go back to the main subject: my Saturn.
Around 5 years before, I purchased an USB Data Link. Thanks to it I could save the backup data stored into my Saturns internal memory.
But I realized that I couldn't easily save the data on my backup cartridges, because an Action Replay is needed in order to use USB Data Link, which prevent from using memory cartridge.
[First failure in saving all my Saturn backup data] #crash#

Saturn Memory Cards (click for larger)

After that, my USB Data Link apparently died, hence I can't download anything with it from this time.
I really wanted to save the data on my backup cartridges before they vanished somewhere.
So that I build a freewing device as pictured below.

My freewing

As the available softwares for freewing were source-less 10 years old crap, I decided to start SatCom project.
But I realized that I couldn't easily save the data on my backup cartridges, because an Action Replay is needed in order to use my freewing, which prevent from using memory cartridge.
[Second failure in saving all my Saturn backup data] #crash#

Then, last summer, my freewing stopped from operating correctly.
#tombe# freewing.
As a countermeasure, I build an ExSTAND device in order to communicate with my Saturn.
After around 2 weeks of labor of adding ExSTAND support to SatCom, I could finally use my ExSTAND device with my Saturn !
Note: It was a pain to find the sources of the virtual parallel port driver for ExSTAND, so I mirror the sources on my homepage [here].
But I realized that I couldn't easily save the data on my backup cartridges, because an Action Replay is needed in order to use my ExSTAND, which prevent from using memory cartridge.
[Third failure in saving all my Saturn backup data] #crash#

My new ExSTAND device, connected to modchipped Saturn and TV display used for developpment :

ExSTAND device (click for larger)

I was very disappointed.
So many tries and so many failures !
What should I do in order to save the data in my memory cartridges ?

After thinking for a long time, I understood : I should use a device that doesn't monopolize the memory cart port.
There is the "communication port" behind the Saturn, but I don't own any male connector to insert in.
Remaining is ... second pad !
OK, let's go with second pad !!!
*snip* (sacrificed a pad in order to get a male connector)

Some days after, I needed to buy batteries for my son's blue train.
At the shop, next to the batteries, there were cheap "made in china" SD card reader for 100 Yens (the price of a coca cola small bottle), so I bought 2 SD card readers (for me) and a pack of 3 C-sized batteries (for my son's blue train).

After that, I butchered SD card readers, connected some wires themselves, randomly typed letters in a notepad++ window.
After a infinite time, I got a Saturn program that hopefully could write memory contents to SD card, hence allowing me to dump memory card contents. #trigic#

Memory Card Plus device, ready to be dumped to SD card :

Memory Card Plus (click for larger)

After testing and destroying the contents of some of my spare SD cards, I could save all the memory cartridges I own, so that I put them on my homepage in order not to loose them in the case my house would burn up.
If you are interested, you can download the files [here].
It includes Sega Rally, SonicR, (Christmas) NiGHTS, Virtua Fighter Kids, and various Shining Force 3 scenario 1 save data.
(You can easily read save data by using the great yabause emulator.)

I don't release my Saturn SD card manager application, since almost everything inside is still under testing.
(I don't want to break your SD card/Saturn/Precious Memory cart/etc, so please be patient until a merely stable version ... if any.)

Extra information : I own an unoffcial "Memory Card Plus" cartridge, and I discovered that it actually behaves like an action replay !
-> When dumping it, I couldn't read anything from address used official backup cartridges (0x02000000). Instead, I found some firmware data + my backup data from the same address that used by Action Replay cartridge's firmwares (0x04000000).
-> At Saturn boot screen, "Memory Card Plus" firmware is executed and seems to modify something in order to enable to transparently save backup data to cartridge's internal memory, then exits to Saturn multiplayer screen.

Hello !2010-12-01, 13:00 (Japan)

Long time isn't it ? Around 4 years without news #zzz#

But I was still alive, don't worry #smile#

I have added some new stuff to my homepage, so I write this news:
SatDocs, some Saturn documentation in HTML format.
ietx 2, my entry for the S.A.T.U.R.N. contest on SegaXtreme forums.

Here are some snapshots:
ietx2 snapshot 1 ietx2 snapshot 3

That's all folks, see you in 4 years. #biggrin#

Homepage renewal !2006-10-18, 21:42 (Le Mans)

Hello everybody ! It is 7 monthes without any news #zzz#

The fact is that I didn't had so much time for myself from last April because of an internship which concluded my studies : now, I am officially not a student !
I finished the internship in September, but I am still busy !

However, I could spend some time to clean this homepage : now, I can post news very easily !

Did some people (me, and ... ? I think nobody else #hehe#) worried about Planet de Pon, Saturn Homebrew, and so on ?? Well, the horrible reality is that I made nothing at all about this ^^;

Holidays !2006-03-12, 18:15 (Annecy)

I'm sorry for the fans who sent me letters and for the other ones who were waiting for me every morning.
But I was very busy. (this sentence is for real, maybe the other one isn't).

In fact, I had to work a lot for the last school days, but now it is finished, so I can feel relieved about it.
And what will I do now ? I got a training period, which starts at the begining of April, so I am on holidays now !

As a good geek who want to waste his holidays, I purchased Zelda Link's Awakening & Four Swords on GBA in order to finish Link's Awakening once again. It's quite an improvement for me, because I never played GBA before ! So I thank my brother who accepted me to stole his GBA (anyway, he got a lot of homework to do, so he cannot play with it :p)

That's all for today !

About Planet de Pon : I got some ideas to improve the game, and I also got time to make them work. I hope you (Sega Saturn fanboy) will be rewarded for this long wait !

New skin, new year.2006-01-10, 18:13 (Annecy)

First of all, I want to wish you an happy new year !

(Happy new year from NiGHTS)

In beginning of January, normal people take resolutions about things they will do or improve during the year. Usually, they say that they won't smoke anymore. But in fact, they stop smoking for about 3 hours, and then, forget their resolution.

As I don't smoke, my resolution for this year is to make a decent homepage because previous one was made in quick&dirty html !

So I hope you will enjoy this website (and stop smoking ;) )

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