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Just a quick message to announce that I'm about to make a major update to Pseudo Saturn Kai !
This time, development is on a crowdfunding basis, so everyone's help counts.
In advance, thank you for your contribution to a new Pseudo Saturn Kai ♪
2020/06/07, cafe-alpha.

My JWPce

My JWPce builds for Windows and DS

Here you can find my builds of JPWce for Windows and DS.
Thanks to them, I could learn Japanese #smile#.

JWPds - Some JWPce features on DS !Last updated 2015-06-09

Here are the sources of JWP(ce) software adaptation for Nintendo DS.

Back 2007, I was learning Japanese language, and wanted something in order to easily translate Japanese kanjis or Japanese words.
As Japanese dictionary/kanji learning software available on DS and pocket translator devices are designed for kids (too simple) or Japanese native people (no way to input kanjis other than using kana, etc), I decided to build my own dictionary on my DSlite.
And as I use JWPce almost everyday, I naturally wanted to add a features of JPWce I find useful, such as :

- Search Kanji by radical.
- Edict dictionary format.
- Display meaning of a single kanji.
- Other (?)

Result is ... well, not very good, because I was a C beginner at that time, and also because debugging applications on DS was a real nightmare too.
Also, after a certain point, I realized that I learned kanjis/etc enough so that I didn't needed pocket Japanese dictionary anymore, so I dropped development of JWPds.

So all the files in this archive are released "as-is", and I don't plan to fix/improve anymore this software.
If you need, please use the sources here for education/whatever purpose, but I doubt somebody would find them useful.

Features :

- DS-oriented GUI, designed in XML format.
- JIS/S-JIS/Unicode text formats support.
- Search Kanji by radical.
- Edict dictionary format.
- Index support on dictionaries, allowing fast searching.
- Wnn kanji input, but only input from kana available.
- JStroke kanji input.
- Clipboard support.
- Messy source code #biggrin#

Download :

Latest sources, and stable binaries/data for DS : JWPds_bin_src_20150609.7z #new# (8.2MB)
(It was tested on my DSlite only, I don't know if it will work on your DS)

Pictures :

(Please click for larger images)
JWPds, running on my DSlite
Kanji stroke input
Kanji stroke input
Kanji wnn input
Kanji wnn input
Kanji radical input
Kanji radical input
Japanese word search results
Japanese word search results

Usage examples (and some extra pictures) :

Example 1 : want to know the meaning of 月 kanji ? Just enter it as you would write it on paper, and its meaning is displayed on DS top screen #wink#.
(Well, "as you would write it on paper" means that stroke order MUST be respected ... so it's not very useful for complex kanjis #biggrin#)

Example 2 : want to know the meaning of 殻 kanji, but only know its reading ? Just enter its kana reading, and the meaning of its kanji is displayed on DS top screen #wink#.
(Well, it suppose you know the reading of Japanese hiraganas ... sorry I was too lazy to add romaji input #zzz#)

Example 3 : want to know the meaning of 神主 word, but only know its reading ? Just enter its kana reading, convert it with wnn feature, enter the kanjis in edict page, select which dictionary you want to use and press "JPN→" button.
After few seconds, translation results are displayed #wink#.
(Well, it took 17 seconds in order to search in 3 dictionaries, so you need to be patient #zzz# ... or grab JWPds source code and improve its search engine #smile#)

Thoughts about this project :

It was a good experience in order to deepen my experience in C programming, conversion between various Japanese character codes, visual programming, etc.
But, programming on DS was a real nightmare, dealing with incompatibilities with closed source emulators, and the absence of direct DS-PC link (yes, I copied binaries to micro SD card few hundred times, and read console debug output directly from DS screen in order to test if everything was OK on real hardware #sick#), which made me hating development on DS.

In comparison, developping homebrew things on Saturn with yabause (open source power ! #top#) for simple testing, and USB dev cart & SatLink for real hardware testing is by far more easy !

I regret I couldn't finish this project. Especially, I wanted to add radical input by using stroke input from touch screen, which would make complex kanji input a little more user-friendly, but well, in nowadays era with smartphone and internet everywhere, JWPds meaning of existence is close to zero, so it's a waste of time to improve it now.
Please enjoy JWPds and its sources if you need them, and don't hesitate to send me a kind message in the case it was useful to you #smile#.

Credits :

- devkitpro team.
- moonlight, moonshell author.
- Stephen Chung, JWP author.
- Glenn Rosenthal JWPce author.
- aze.
- Other people I forgot to mention.

JWPceu - a slightly improved version of JWPceLast updated 2014-05-12

I'm using JWPce software on a daily basis for several years, and thanks to its open source nature, I could make some slight changes to it in order to satisfy my needs.
So please find here my version of JWPce #smile#

Download :

Source and binaries/data for Windows : jwpceu_exe_src_20140512.zip (3.7MB)

What's new in this version :

Additional Kanji information can be displayed from external UTF8 file :

- Kanji meaning in French (my native language)grabbed from French kanjidict project.
- Kanjis with similar looking, grabbed from kanji.free.fr.

Credits :

- Glenn Rosenthal, for making JWPce, and releasing its sources : http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html.
- Vladimir Lazunin, for adding Unicode support to JWPce : http://lazunin.com/jwpceu_en.html.

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