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Recovered from "cold" :)

Written by cafealpha 2 comments
I actually recovered a long time ago, but didn't had enough free time to write a new article until now
So I totally recovered from my pneumonia ... "Klaricid" helped me a lot to get rid about it. Many thanks to the doctors and many other people who helped me in theses hard times
Winter is coming, but I'm ready to face it

On a related note, I had a day trip to hospital last month for my cancer screening, and according to CT scan and blood analysis, everything is OK
"Smartphone game Pokemon GO forbidden in hospital"
From : director of the hospital

Work is keeping me busy recently, and that won't change until summer, but I keep doing Saturn stuff doing my spare time

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Catched a "cold" :/

Written by cafealpha 9 comments
Yes, a "cold" : at first I though it was just a cold, but regular medicines from doctor nearby and drugstore didn't cured anything, and it lasted for a around a week ...

Symptoms : 40℃ fever (36.5 usually),
completely dizzy,
cough again and again, etc

So I went to a larger hospital, and blood examination gave a CRP rate of 13 mg/dL ... typical limit for this is 0.30 mg/dL, so I understood that it was more serious than a cold ...
And X-rays examination showed what I was expecting : a pneumonia on left lung

So I can't guarantee I will answer emails this month, but I fought with more severe diseases, so I'll be back for sure

Update (2016/09/26) : Lost a couple of Kgs in the war, but I'm better now ! Medecine really does miracles
My pneumonia was a "walking pneumonia" (wikipedia) , and could be cured with antibiotics, hence without need to stay at hospital.

Update (2016/10/05) : I'm now 95% OK (still some cough, but not a lot). Thanks to seal1 and vbt for their support comments

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Treatment report (2014/12/22) : MRI

Written by cafealpha no comments
Today was a MRI day !
MRI taken so far (4 or 5 times) were took with contrast medium (liquid sent via intravenous in order to see clearly veins), but this time was the first time without contrast medium !
It was a little strange that catheter were not used this time, and it was so "easy mode" that I half felt asleep during MRI exposure session  ^^;

One anecdote about this day is that when I entered in MRI room in order to put off clothes and wait for my turn, atmosphere in the room was a little strained, and 3 bodyguard shaped guys were waiting with MRI technical staff.
Maybe theses guys are maintenance staff ? But they definitely didn't looked like : they only stare at the window and monitors showing the MRI patient just before me.
When it was my turn, I understood why atmosphere was a little strained : bodyguard shaped guys took handcuffs and put them to the MRI patient just before me : he was a prisoner, and today was something like his "quarter-liberty day" outside the prison !
It was the first time I saw a prisoner for real (not on the TV, internet, whatever) in Japan.

Additional CT is scheduled for next month, so see you later for my next adventures

PS : I'm looking for a laptop better than the one I'm using now. Is there somebody to help me ?
My requirements are as follow :
 - No need brand new laptop, used laptop is OK
 - Screen resolution >= 1366 x 768
 - DDR3 SO-DIMM memory slots x 2
 - RAM address area >= 8GB
 - Battery for offline use >= 2 hours
 - CPU >= Core 2 Duo
 - Japanese or US qwerty keyboard
 - No need of OS, HDD and RAM, I already have theses parts here.
 - No more than USD 150
 - Easy to purchase in Shikoku area (Japan).
I looked in Hard Off ... only found a SNK 95 Saturn cartridge and very old or very expensive laptops.
I looked in PC Depot ... only found a good Sony laptop very cheap ... with broken LCD. And of course, nothing about LCD damage indicated near price tag
Any other idea where to search ?

I plan to use this laptop for Saturn development stuff

Here is a picture of the laptop I'm currently using :
Old stuff from 2007, with 2GB RAM (no more addressable space ... what a pity), and a 512GB SSD.

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Treatment report (2014/08/17)

Written by cafealpha no comments
This weekend, I had my first "full" shower from hair to foot !
Until this time, I had my hair shampooed by nurse, in the same way that barber shampoo our hair, then had shower below shoulder by myself.
I still have an open scar near my ear, but nurses covered it with a special tape, so that I could freely pour water here.
One month without a real shower ... it was a real pleasure to clean freely my body

Oh, and last Friday, doctor said "according to latest blood analysis, you're about to completely recover from surgery/pus/whatever ... what day is fine next week in order to leave hospital ?"
Yeah ! I will be back to real world soon !!
In order to get the scar near my ear more or less cured, I will leave hospital on next Thursday.

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