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Catched a "cold" :/

Written by cafealpha 9 comments
Yes, a "cold" : at first I though it was just a cold, but regular medicines from doctor nearby and drugstore didn't cured anything, and it lasted for a around a week ...

Symptoms : 40℃ fever (36.5 usually),
completely dizzy,
cough again and again, etc

So I went to a larger hospital, and blood examination gave a CRP rate of 13 mg/dL ... typical limit for this is 0.30 mg/dL, so I understood that it was more serious than a cold ...
And X-rays examination showed what I was expecting : a pneumonia on left lung

So I can't guarantee I will answer emails this month, but I fought with more severe diseases, so I'll be back for sure

Update (2016/09/26) : Lost a couple of Kgs in the war, but I'm better now ! Medecine really does miracles
My pneumonia was a "walking pneumonia" (wikipedia) , and could be cured with antibiotics, hence without need to stay at hospital.

Update (2016/10/05) : I'm now 95% OK (still some cough, but not a lot). Thanks to seal1 and vbt for their support comments


#1  - vbt said :

hey, take care and come back ! i've installed pseudo saturn kai today

#2  - seal1 said :

get well soon

#3  - cafealpha said :

@vbt : Thank you ! I'm better now thanks to antibiotics :) And thank you for trying Pseudo Saturn too :)

#4  - cafealpha said :

@seal1 : Thank you too :)

#5  - vbt said :

i've received your "cold" :S well you're back soon ! i need your help with fm stuff, black tiger deserves it :)

#6  - cafealpha said :

@vbt : I didn't know it was so contagious ! I hope you're better now :)

#7  - cafealpha said :

@vbt : I'm completely bad with sound stuff, but I will see if I can be any help ;)

#8  - seal1 said :

and back at 99.9% health ?

(I'm at 95% with my home improvement project.)

#9  - cafealpha said :

@seal1 : Yes, back to normal health, but I didn't had time to write about it here recently ^^; Cool you've nearly finished to improve your house ! I hope it will make winter more enjoyable :)


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