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Treatment report (2014/08/17)

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This weekend, I had my first "full" shower from hair to foot !
Until this time, I had my hair shampooed by nurse, in the same way that barber shampoo our hair, then had shower below shoulder by myself.
I still have an open scar near my ear, but nurses covered it with a special tape, so that I could freely pour water here.
One month without a real shower ... it was a real pleasure to clean freely my body

Oh, and last Friday, doctor said "according to latest blood analysis, you're about to completely recover from surgery/pus/whatever ... what day is fine next week in order to leave hospital ?"
Yeah ! I will be back to real world soon !!
In order to get the scar near my ear more or less cured, I will leave hospital on next Thursday.

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Treatment report (2014/08/08)

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Shower, and shampoo this morning.
Everyday, I beg nurses to get a shower in the wide shower room (only one available for around 30 patients), and they always manage to let me getting a shower, which is nice from them.

After that, I had my game gear changed. As the concerned scar is near my left ear and that tape is used to make everything hermetic around the scar, it was quite a pain to remove tape on my hair >_<
Then, cleaning of the pus inside of my mouth ... as usual, some pus is accumulating, and scar doesn't want to close ...

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