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About this homepage :

This is the homepage of a guy making homebrew things for Saturn game console.
My first homebrew creation was a Panel de Pon (puzzle game for super famicom) released at the end of 2005.
After that, I made SatCom, which is a bunch of libraries and tools in order to ease development on Saturn.
Thanks to SatCom, I could make ietx2, which is an adaptation of Yeti3D engine.
Recently, I started to make custom cartridges for my Saturn, and hope I can release some new cartridges to the public in a near future.
Also, I'm manufacturing "USB dev cart", which is a cartridge that allows program testing on Saturn.
It is 10+ times faster than all existing Action Replay based cartridges (freewing, commslink, USB DataLink, etc). A must have for every Saturn homebrew programmer.

What this homepage is intended to bring to you :

  • Saturn programming tutorials, tricks, etc
  • Releases of my Saturn homebrew programs
  • Random thoughts
  • More ?
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