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Treatment report (2014/08/14)

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Today is anniversary day : one month after my surgery

And, it was also the day of my first meal ! I was waiting this day for one month !!
My first meal picture, similar as picture of in-flight meal

Everything is heavily mixed ... doctors say it might take time until I can start to eat more solid food.
I ate everything, except okayu (liquid rice) and tofu, not because I can't eat theses, but for taste reasons ...
Instead of okayu and tofu, I drank one ensure can

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Treatment report (2014/08/13)

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Today was a good day full of adventures !

During rehabilitation, I could drink 32 spoons (nearly half a cup) of water without choking so much, which is an highscore until now

During the afternoon, doctor removed my "game gear", and told I no longer need it because scar near my left ear is closed :]
Just after that, I felt in a trap set by the doctor :
Doctor > "let's verify how well you can gulp jelly"
Me > "Does it mean that you will put a camera from my nose to my throat ?"
Doctor > "Yes, of course"
I couldn't escape, it was painful, especially when the doctor said "Well, your feeding tube prevent camera from going farther than your mouth. I will have to remove your feeding tube in order to continue verification".
Me > "Does it means you will remove feeding tube, put camera one more time, and then put feeding tube back ?"
Doctor > "Right. You understood well."
Me > T.T
Here is what the scar looks after removing the "game gear ".
The blue tube on the left is my feeding tube.

But ! After removing tube, and verifying how well I can gulp jelly, doctor said "You don't gulp jelly so bad ... do you want to continue to use feeding tube ?"
Me > "No ! No more feeding tube !"
Doctor > "OK, you will drink ensure can from tonight"
Me > "Yeaahhh !"

So my first taste after one month without eating anything from my mouth was :
 - A grape flavour jelly, one spoon only
 - Horrible taste medicine ... I can't gulp capsule medicines, so their contents are put in water and I have to drink it, but it seems that medicine designers absolutely don't care about the taste of what capsule contains >_<
 - "Ensure Liquid", vanilla taste, 2 cans. I drank them by using small watering pot-like thing, and didn't choked at all
Ensure liquid

Because I can't drink easily from can/cup/whatever, the watering pot-like thing helps a lot, because it pours liquid deep inside the mouth, making it easy to gulp after that
"Joro" aka Mr waterpot

One bad point about the fact I don't have feeding tube is that I can't procrastinize on my laptop while eating ^^;

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Treatment report (2014/08/12)

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Nothing really special today.
This morning, the roommate in front of me (separated by 2 curtains) left hospital, so I am now the patient with the longest stay in this room.
Previous roommate always spoke to himself while sleeping, so it's great that he finally left hospital

Among the two roommates remaining with me in this hospital room,
 - first one snores loudly ...
 - second one likes to play with room's air conditioner settings ... I don't know why he set temperature room to 28℃ .... maybe a game with me, I don't know.
Anyway, I plan to restore temperature to 26℃ as soon he changes it ... I have no choice, because his favorite temperature feels like hell to me.
And if he really continues to bother me, I will pour extra strong bond on air conditioner remote controller buttons

Doctor now use small syringe to pour sterilized solution in my mouth's scar in order to clean it, which is a sign that everything is going well for it
Also, according to the doctor, there's no longer need to clean this scar twice a day : once a day is now enough, which is another good sign about this scar :]
I hope this scar will close properly this week. After that, I finally will be able to start eating rehabilitation !!

On Saturn dev side (at first, this blog was intended to be a Saturn dev related blog !), I had fun with interrupt C and code executing on ROM ... except constant ones (of course), no global variable is allowed for ROM code ! Ouch.
Still not compiling, less than half of the project is coded, nothing tested, so I will continue tomorrow

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Treatment report (2014/08/11)

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There were no message yesterday, because nothing special done. In fact, it was a shampoo / shower free day, but hey, it was Sunday, so I do anything I want
BTW, here is a picture took during yesterday typhoon :
Except rain, clouds, and some wind, there were nothing special about this typhoon, as usual in this region

Today was anniversary day :
 - One month from entering hospital
 - 4 weeks from surgery day

By reminding the first weeks after surgery, I can feel now I'm getting better and better :]
And, doctor told me today that scar in my mouth is closing little by little, so that I will probably start "eat by using mouth" rehabilitation this week

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Treatment report (2014/08/09)

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Shower this morning. Glad that my shower rhythm is becoming similar to pre-surgery times

This morning, doctor told that I don't need band-aid on my throat anymore !
From surgery until now, scar was cleaned and band-aid changed every morning, but now, only a small scab is remaining, so that band-aid is no longer needed.

Tomorrow morning, typhoon is likely to come around the area where the hospital is ... I can't wait to see storms and heavy rain from my hospital window

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