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Treatment report (2014/12/22) : MRI

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Today was a MRI day !
MRI taken so far (4 or 5 times) were took with contrast medium (liquid sent via intravenous in order to see clearly veins), but this time was the first time without contrast medium !
It was a little strange that catheter were not used this time, and it was so "easy mode" that I half felt asleep during MRI exposure session  ^^;

One anecdote about this day is that when I entered in MRI room in order to put off clothes and wait for my turn, atmosphere in the room was a little strained, and 3 bodyguard shaped guys were waiting with MRI technical staff.
Maybe theses guys are maintenance staff ? But they definitely didn't looked like : they only stare at the window and monitors showing the MRI patient just before me.
When it was my turn, I understood why atmosphere was a little strained : bodyguard shaped guys took handcuffs and put them to the MRI patient just before me : he was a prisoner, and today was something like his "quarter-liberty day" outside the prison !
It was the first time I saw a prisoner for real (not on the TV, internet, whatever) in Japan.

Additional CT is scheduled for next month, so see you later for my next adventures

PS : I'm looking for a laptop better than the one I'm using now. Is there somebody to help me ?
My requirements are as follow :
 - No need brand new laptop, used laptop is OK
 - Screen resolution >= 1366 x 768
 - DDR3 SO-DIMM memory slots x 2
 - RAM address area >= 8GB
 - Battery for offline use >= 2 hours
 - CPU >= Core 2 Duo
 - Japanese or US qwerty keyboard
 - No need of OS, HDD and RAM, I already have theses parts here.
 - No more than USD 150
 - Easy to purchase in Shikoku area (Japan).
I looked in Hard Off ... only found a SNK 95 Saturn cartridge and very old or very expensive laptops.
I looked in PC Depot ... only found a good Sony laptop very cheap ... with broken LCD. And of course, nothing about LCD damage indicated near price tag
Any other idea where to search ?

I plan to use this laptop for Saturn development stuff

Here is a picture of the laptop I'm currently using :
Old stuff from 2007, with 2GB RAM (no more addressable space ... what a pity), and a 512GB SSD.

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Treatment report (2014/08/17)

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This weekend, I had my first "full" shower from hair to foot !
Until this time, I had my hair shampooed by nurse, in the same way that barber shampoo our hair, then had shower below shoulder by myself.
I still have an open scar near my ear, but nurses covered it with a special tape, so that I could freely pour water here.
One month without a real shower ... it was a real pleasure to clean freely my body

Oh, and last Friday, doctor said "according to latest blood analysis, you're about to completely recover from surgery/pus/whatever ... what day is fine next week in order to leave hospital ?"
Yeah ! I will be back to real world soon !!
In order to get the scar near my ear more or less cured, I will leave hospital on next Thursday.

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Treatment report (2014/08/14)

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Today is anniversary day : one month after my surgery

And, it was also the day of my first meal ! I was waiting this day for one month !!
My first meal picture, similar as picture of in-flight meal

Everything is heavily mixed ... doctors say it might take time until I can start to eat more solid food.
I ate everything, except okayu (liquid rice) and tofu, not because I can't eat theses, but for taste reasons ...
Instead of okayu and tofu, I drank one ensure can

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Treatment report (2014/08/13)

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Today was a good day full of adventures !

During rehabilitation, I could drink 32 spoons (nearly half a cup) of water without choking so much, which is an highscore until now

During the afternoon, doctor removed my "game gear", and told I no longer need it because scar near my left ear is closed :]
Just after that, I felt in a trap set by the doctor :
Doctor > "let's verify how well you can gulp jelly"
Me > "Does it mean that you will put a camera from my nose to my throat ?"
Doctor > "Yes, of course"
I couldn't escape, it was painful, especially when the doctor said "Well, your feeding tube prevent camera from going farther than your mouth. I will have to remove your feeding tube in order to continue verification".
Me > "Does it means you will remove feeding tube, put camera one more time, and then put feeding tube back ?"
Doctor > "Right. You understood well."
Me > T.T
Here is what the scar looks after removing the "game gear ".
The blue tube on the left is my feeding tube.

But ! After removing tube, and verifying how well I can gulp jelly, doctor said "You don't gulp jelly so bad ... do you want to continue to use feeding tube ?"
Me > "No ! No more feeding tube !"
Doctor > "OK, you will drink ensure can from tonight"
Me > "Yeaahhh !"

So my first taste after one month without eating anything from my mouth was :
 - A grape flavour jelly, one spoon only
 - Horrible taste medicine ... I can't gulp capsule medicines, so their contents are put in water and I have to drink it, but it seems that medicine designers absolutely don't care about the taste of what capsule contains >_<
 - "Ensure Liquid", vanilla taste, 2 cans. I drank them by using small watering pot-like thing, and didn't choked at all
Ensure liquid

Because I can't drink easily from can/cup/whatever, the watering pot-like thing helps a lot, because it pours liquid deep inside the mouth, making it easy to gulp after that
"Joro" aka Mr waterpot

One bad point about the fact I don't have feeding tube is that I can't procrastinize on my laptop while eating ^^;

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