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Toying with my good old Nintendo DS lite ...

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
From yesterday, I suddenly wanted to turn my DS into a MP3 player, so that I can listen my favorite music while I drive my car
Of course, there are other options in order to listen music in my car :
 - GPS navigation unit can read MP3 from SD card, but don't support SDHC ... and my wife (sharing the same GPS unit) doesn't like my music
 - My android smartphone can read mp3 but ... I don't like android, and the more I put mp3 in my phone, the longer it takes to boot ...
 - My gp2x wiz can read mp3, but takes a while to boot, and the ergonomics of its music player is not so good.

So I want to purchase a DsTwo cartridge for my DS, but it's out of stock everywhere. Is there somebody ready to sell his DsTwo cartridge to me ?
In advance, thank you

And no, I don't want other cheap cartridge, because I like the way to put a CPU into a DS cartridge, and publicly provide SDK in order to use it

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