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Dragon Ball Kai - The war with Majin Buu is over

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So 3 weeks ago, Buu was defeated by Goku, and last week Goku and Uub left Budokai in order to start training ...

Dragon Ball Kai is finally over ... I especially appreciate during Buu's death when it is said something like "he disappeared, and didn't left any cell behind", because I felt my cancer was completely cured (until the last malignant cell) at that time

Dragon Ball Super will start from this Sunday ! Toriyama-sensei, please bring us new adventures and dreams !!!

BTW, I saw Dragon Ball Battle of Gods on DVD, and it was cool
My comments :
 - I felt that Toriyama was behind this, because it was about eating foods from the beginning to the end
 - Not born yet Pan is already considered as a Sayajin ... it is strange that it didn't led to debate about pro/con abortion in Europe/USA

Last (technical) comment : I prepared an HDD in order to record Dragon Ball Super on it, and discovered that it isn't possible to copy recorded videos from one HDD to another ?!?
So, NO thanks to :
 - Sharp, for making such ugly user interface ... you didn't thought it would be cool to allow multiple selection when deleting recorded movies ?
 - Sony, and other companies from "Entertainment Industry", for restricting copy on recorded media from TV.

Ah, everything was simpler during video cassette tape era ...

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