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Gamer's Cartridge out of stock :]

Written by cafealpha 5 comments
Out of stock ":]". I'm glad to have finished this batch
I don't plan to sell Gamer's Cartridge for a while, because stock of parts to build theses cartridges (electronics components, PCBs, labels, etc) is currently very low here. I'm even lacking of bubble paper used when shipping cartridges

So, what's next ? Of course, Saturn stuff  I plan to use this "break" in cartridges manufacturing and sales in order to continue Pseudo Saturn Kai development.
Main feature to add is cheat codes, which is a bit "heavy" one to implement, because processing in order to make cheat codes working isn't documented in details.
But that will be done ! Also, there are some side quests here and there regarding Pseudo Saturn Kai features. I plan to implement as far I can, so it will be limited only by my free time, my motivation, and flash ROM remaining on cartridge

Gerber preview before ordering PCB on
Seeed Studio, very classy and realistic

Edit (2017/05/11) : finally back in stock
I catched the occasion to make some minor improvements to my homepage, such as adding anchor link to some sections, adding some directions for Japanese users, etc ... and I'm already full up with writing HTML

Edit (2017/05/12) : half of the stock already reserved oO
Cartridges are assembled by hand, hence stock is small, but I'm impressed anyway


#1  - Michael Miller said :

This is wonderful I am excited for whenever you reopen orders again! But enjoy your break from it. One question, is there ever a plan to implement 1MB/4MB ram features? Cheers!

#2  - cafealpha said :

@Michael Miller : making things for Saturn is an hobby, so of course I continue to develop new cartridges :) But since that's an hobby, please don't expect anything regarding availability or ETA. For example, I started project of Saturn cartridge with SD card in autumn 2012 ... so it took around 4 years to release Gamer's Cartridge.

#3  - Mattias said :

Would really like to be able to play all the Dezaemon games in an easy way, so I hope you will make more Gamer's Cartridges later this year :)

#4  - cafealpha said :

@Mattias : Next batch will be available soon :) First PCBs are actually ready, but I have to fix a critical bug on Pseudo Saturn Kai before starting to sell the carts. I plan to detail about this bug on this blog, but preparing the carts, the firmware, etc don't let me any time for blog things ^^;

#5  - cafealpha said :

@Mattias : PS: cool to find a fan of Dezaemon 2 ! Some goodies for Dezaemon 2 fans are actually in preparation. That's a surprise, so I can't say more :)


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