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Outlet Cartridges Flash Sale ! (2022/11/12)

Written by cafealpha 12 comments
2022/11/16 update : Orders are closed for this sale. Thank you everyone and happy playing !
In the case you arrived too late, another batch of cartridges will be available at the end of this month

2022/11/16更新 : 完売いたしました。今月末に販売を再開する予定♪

Last time I mentioned Gamer's Cartridge in this blog, it was the matter of selling last carts I had at that time and to eventually assemble new carts at the conditions of finding appropriate shells for them.

This was nearly one year ago and after writing this article I went bored of not assembling cartridges.
So I gave a try in "That's It Guys" 3D printing service ! In addition of being able to assemble Gamer's Cartridge, it is also possible to take a look to videos of the shells being printed !

Next batch of Gamer's Cartridge will be available on my homepage at the end of this month. But before that, some carts whose 3D printing didn't went well are for sale here.

As this sale is about cartridges whose shells are in "outlet" condition, the price is lower than usual.
So if you are on a low budget, this is a good occasion to get a Gamer's Cartridge. And if you want a regular cartridge, then please wait for around two or three weeks until next batch is ready.

BTW, 3D print files for Gamer's Cartridge shells are open source. So if you want to try to print a better shell for your cartridge, this flash sale is for you !
Thingiverse page : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3684074
The page contains several variations of STL files and printing of the following ones is recommended :
 - gamers_cart_front.stl
 - gamers_cart_back_mascot.stl

As only 4 outlet cartridges are available and that all of them have unique features, it is required to publicly specify which cartridge to purchase by posting a comment on this article.
Also, it is necessary to indicate an email address in the appropriate field when writing the comment so that I can contact you back to continue the ordering of the cartridge.
Rule to be selected for the ordering of a cartridge is "first-come first-served" so if someone wrote a comment with the ID of your favorite cartridge, please select another cartridge or wait for next regular or flash sale.

List of cartridges available : (please click on the pictures to see them in details)
 - "Blue" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the letters as well as the logo are poorly printed.

 - "Grey #1" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the surface of the case as well as letters are poorly printed.
Also, one side of the shell bent during the printing, which caused the cartridge not fitting into its slot.
This was fixed by manually filing the edges of the shell.

 - "Grey #2" : blue shell, USD 61 + shipping
(Same condition as "Grey #1", hence not taken in picture)
As shown on the picture, the surface of the case as well as letters are poorly printed.
Also, one side of the shell bent during the printing, which caused the cartridge not fitting into its slot.
This was fixed by manually filing the edges of the shell.
- -

 - "Transparent" : half-transparent shell, USD 53 + shipping
As shown on the picture, the 3D print result is in poor condition and may break easily.
This is a good deal if you are ready to print another shell by yourself, or to take extreme care of this cartridge.

Cartridges support in-game backup memory access to SD card, Pseudo Saturn exploit (play games copied onCD-R), cheat codes and smooth support of Rhea/Phoebe and Fenrir ODEs.
On the other hand 1MB/4MB expansion RAM, CD-ROM emulation or any other advanced features are not supported.

Pricing of the cartridge is as indicated above and shipping is described in EMS homepage in "Up to 500g" row.
So for example of blue cartridge ordered from USA, the total is USD 61 + JPY 3900 (around USD 28) = USD 89.

Payment method is Paypal only.
Shipping method is EMS only, so please verify if it can be delivered in your country.
If you live in a country not (yet ?) covered by EMS, the only alternative is surface mail, which takes an eternity to deliver (well, I exaggerate, but three months is quite long for a small package to arrive) and not super well tracked too.

(Lower half of this article in same as above but in Japanese. All your bases are belong to us)



 - 「Blue」 : 青色ケース、USD 61 (約8,460円)+送料

 - 「Grey #1」 : 灰色ケース、USD 61 (約8,460円)+送料

 - 「Grey #2」 : 灰色ケース、USD 61+送料 = USD 65 (約9,000円)
(「Grey #1」と同様のため、写真を撮っていません)
- -

 - 「Transparent」 : 半透明ケース、USD 53+送料 = USD 57 (約7,900円)

カートリッジはGamer's Cartridgeです。詳細については デザエモンDBMDの窓のご確認お願いします。( 当ホームページは英語がメインのためお勧めしません^^; )

送料は日本全国一律JPY 600 (約USD 4)です。

※ ケースの3D印刷ファイルは公開されています。そのため、今回のアウトレット販売は3Dプリンターで挑戦してみたい方にお勧めです。
Thingiverseページ : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3684074
 - 表面: gamers_cart_front.stl
 - 裏面: gamers_cart_back_mascot.stl

ページの下にWrite a commentのところで以下の欄を記入:
 Name: 適当なハンドル名 (本名は記入しないでください)
 E-mail: メールアドレス (ブログに公開されません)
 Site: 空欄
 Comment: カートリッジIDを記載
  例:「Grey #1」カートリッジを購入したいです
 スパムチェック: サターンを英字で記入




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grey #1

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grey #1 を購入したいです

メールアドレスのダブルチェック不安で二重に送信していますが、1カートリッジだけ希望です 申し訳ありません

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「Grey #2」カートリッジを購入したいです

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「Grey #1」カートリッジを購入したいです

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Hi, I just sent you an email. In advance, thank you for checking it !

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