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Treatment report (2014/08/01)

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Today, I had 2 rehabilitation sceances.
Doctor told that my pronunciation is getting better, but I personally don't feel any progress ... I hope it is not a flattery (oseji) for my self-confidence only ...

Had my scars cleaned up on morning and night, and still some pus is going out ... the more the doctors seek, the more the doctors find pus in my mouth ^^;

And ... I had my hair shampooed today

Due to summer holidays here, there are a lot of children (from kindergarten to junior high school) here, and unfortunately, my room is very close to treatment room (= torture room ) ... from time to time, I can hear child crying because she don't want flexo camera being inserted in her nose ...
I understand her (I don't like flexo camera too !), but in this case, the more she cries, the painful and longer it will last

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