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Day of the Sea - 2017 edition

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
Last Monday was a national holiday in Japan, called "Day of the Sea" (海の日). So I went to the sea, and spent a nice day there.

Priority peter in its natural environment :
very similar to me, but without the girls, and with
a TI89 in hand instead of the TI84+

Three years ago, I spent the whole summer period period at hospital without any occasion to go to the sea. So every time I go to the sea is like a little revenge over my cancer

I hope you're having a nice summer too

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PPcenter donation system updated !

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
More than 11 years ago (from winter 2005 ?), I had a "donate" page stating something like "send your money and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time".

During there 11 years, I received 15 US dollars.

And within theses 15 US dollars, I declined 10 because they were generously donated in exchange of "future help" in making a game for Saturn.

So that's something like 45 cents per year, which is also around 3.8 cents per month. I didn't checked in details, but that should be something like one Skittles per week. Not one bag of Skittles, but one bloody skittles. Per. Week

Fortunately, this era now ends, because I officially announce that I changed my donation system from "send your money and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time" to "Send everything except money, and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time. And even if you don't donate anything, I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time anyway."
More details can be found on my donate page

And to make it clear : the motivation to change donation system is not related to money : I just spoke about money received so far in order to write something funny in my blog

I make Saturn things for fun, and not for money. As some examples, I started to design rev2f PCB in hospital room from one week after undergoing cancer surgery, and Virtual Memory Cartridge add-on for Pseudo Saturn Kai was developed and tested during my post surgery chemotherapy. Theses helped a lot to think about something else than medical things during theses times.
I don't say that Kicad and gcc are a cure for cancer (), but theses were very good help however.

And to make it clearer : yes, I sell Saturn cartridges, but no I don't make a living from selling theses. I'm not even sure I produce enough carts in order to pay every-day's breakfast from cartridges sales benefits

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Gamer's Cartridges temporarily not available ! (Edit: now available ♪)

Written by cafealpha 10 comments
Normal sales people make announcements when their things to sale are available ... I personally don't like aggressive advertisement, hence prefer to make announcement when things to sale are not available

So I don't plan to process Gamer's Cartridge for a while ... reason for this is simple : I can't go to post office during winter vacations (and probably won't have time for emails too), so I prefer to temporarily stop selling cartridge rather than asking people for waiting

Sorry, that's the only picture I found for this article
(Grabbed from here )

So I wish you nice winter vacations ! I don't know there, but weather here is cold and windy, hence well suited for playing Saturn

Edit (2017/01/12) : cartridges are back for sale ! More informations on my Saturn cartridges page.
During winter vacations, I found a couple of cartridges with "Rev 3.3 (a)" PCB (one revision before latest revision, only position of LEDs is different) while tidying up my apartment
BTW, happy new year

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Recovered from "cold" :)

Written by cafealpha 2 comments
I actually recovered a long time ago, but didn't had enough free time to write a new article until now
So I totally recovered from my pneumonia ... "Klaricid" helped me a lot to get rid about it. Many thanks to the doctors and many other people who helped me in theses hard times
Winter is coming, but I'm ready to face it

On a related note, I had a day trip to hospital last month for my cancer screening, and according to CT scan and blood analysis, everything is OK
"Smartphone game Pokemon GO forbidden in hospital"
From : director of the hospital

Work is keeping me busy recently, and that won't change until summer, but I keep doing Saturn stuff doing my spare time

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Catched a "cold" :/

Written by cafealpha 9 comments
Yes, a "cold" : at first I though it was just a cold, but regular medicines from doctor nearby and drugstore didn't cured anything, and it lasted for a around a week ...

Symptoms : 40℃ fever (36.5 usually),
completely dizzy,
cough again and again, etc

So I went to a larger hospital, and blood examination gave a CRP rate of 13 mg/dL ... typical limit for this is 0.30 mg/dL, so I understood that it was more serious than a cold ...
And X-rays examination showed what I was expecting : a pneumonia on left lung

So I can't guarantee I will answer emails this month, but I fought with more severe diseases, so I'll be back for sure

Update (2016/09/26) : Lost a couple of Kgs in the war, but I'm better now ! Medecine really does miracles
My pneumonia was a "walking pneumonia" (wikipedia) , and could be cured with antibiotics, hence without need to stay at hospital.

Update (2016/10/05) : I'm now 95% OK (still some cough, but not a lot). Thanks to seal1 and vbt for their support comments

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