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Pseudo Saturn Kai

Pseudo Saturn Kai

Pseudo Saturn Kai is my (cafe-alpha) fork of Pseudo Saturn.
What is Pseudo Saturn ? This is a software exploit allowing to run Saturn game backups (burned on CD-R) with only the need of a Saturn Cartridge.
And, Pseudo Saturn is an open source project whose main developper is CyberWarriorX.

No more need to install modchip ! Just plug a cartridge into your favorite Saturn, and you're ready to enjoy backup copies from your game collection #smile#

Table of contents :

- Features list.
- Screenshots and videos.
- Download section.
- Frequently Asked Questions.
- Save data page.
- Tutorials page.
- Game Compatibility List.

Pseudo Saturn Kai features #anchor#

- Compatible with legacy cartridges such as Action Replay.
- Play import games ("region free") (*1).
- Boot games from CD-R without the need of any hardware mod.
- In-game system reset with A+B+C+Start key combination. #new#
- Save Game Manager, similar to the one provided by Saturn's BIOS.
- Memory cartridge and Floppy Disk Drive support on SD card. (*2) #new#
- Import save data from CDROM or SD card. (*2)
- Boot simple homebrew games/demo from SD card. (*2)

(*1) "Region free" feature bypasses region protection, but doesn't changes display frequency, hence some games designed for PAL (50 Hz) systems won't work on NTSC (60 Hz) systems and vice versa.

(*2) : this won't magically add SD card features to your Action Replay #biggrin#
SD card related features and some other ones are available only when Gamer's Cartridge is used.

Screenshots and Videos #anchor#

Pseudo Saturn. If you paid for this, you were ripped off !
Pseudo Saturn 0.832 being flashed to Action Replay.
Thanks to Zorlon for the video #smile#
(.mp4 file, in the case video on youtube is blocked/deleted/whatever.)
Pseudo Saturn Kai on USB dev cart
Pseudo Saturn Kai demo (firmware install, unlock CDROM, executable upload from PC) on USB dev cart.
(.avi file, in the case video on youtube is blocked/deleted/whatever.)

Download #anchor#Last updated : 2018-02-22

You can extract files from archives by using 7zip software.

#new#pskai_release_20170423.7z (19MB) (readme) Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.074 Flasher
+ Save Data Manager & extra save data
+ Patcher utility
+ source code.

Supported cartridges : Action Replay (and their clones), USB dev cart, Gamer's Cartridge.
pseudo_saturn_cdpatch_20180221.7z Pseudo Saturn Patcher Utility #new#

Old files, kept here for reference :

pskai_release_201600614.7z (9MB) Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.037 Flasher, Save Data Manager, etc
pseudo_saturn_cdpatch_20160714.7z Pseudo Saturn Patcher Utility
pskai_release_20160531.7z (7MB) Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.036 Flasher, Save Data Manager, etc
flasher_arp_20151005.7z Pseudo Saturn 0.831 / 0.832 Flasher
flasher_arp_20150326.7z Pseudo Saturn 0.831 Flasher

Note #1 : Wrong flash operation may brick your cartridge. Please flash your cartridge at your own risks !
Note #2 : Action Replay firmwares and original Pseudo Saturn firmwares are also included.
Please don't flash old firmwares unless you know what you are doing.


- 2018/02/22: Updated patcher utility : minor fix when opening .cue files.
- 2017/04/27: Added Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.074. Many thanks to all beta testers for their help #smile#
- 2016/07/22: Added Pseudo Saturn Patcher Utility.
- 2016/06/14: Added Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.037. Many thanks to Thales Peres for bug report and testing #top#
- 2016/06/03: Added Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.036. Many thanks to all beta testers for their help #smile#
- 2015/10/05: Page creation.

FAQ #anchor#

Q: I'm already using Pseudo Saturn. Is there an interest for me to upgrade to Pseudo Saturn Kai ?
A: For Action Replay users, first release of Pseudo Saturn Kai is "just" Pseudo Saturn with a slightly improved game compatibility.
Since there's a small risk to brick Action Replay cartridge when flashing it, it's not recommended to upgrade to Pseudo Saturn Kai if you don't need it.
Examples of cases upgrading to Pseudo Saturn Kai is not useful for you :

- You hardmodded (modchip, ODE, etc) your Saturn.
- Pseudo Saturn version you're using is enough for your needs : please keep to use it until you find incompatible game, and upgrade to Pseudo Saturn Kai if this game is marked as compatible in game compatibility list.

Q: I have a technical/game compatibility/whatever request. Where shoud I ask it ?
A: Pseudo Saturn Kai has its official thread on segaxtreme forums (Thank you vbt for the thread sticky bonus #wink#), so please first verify that your question is not already answered there, and post your question there if needed.
Also, Pseudo Saturn (not Kai) had its own thread on assembler forums, so your problem/technical question/whatever was probably already solved there. If not, you're welcome to ask on SegaXtreme forums :)

Q: Is there any tutorial in order to install Pseudo Saturn Kai on my cartridge ?
A: Yes. It can be found in Pseudo Saturn Kai's howto page.

Q: I want XYZ feature implemented right now !!!
A: No problem : sources are available in SRC folder of flasher utility CDROM, so please get the things done by yourself.

Q: When will you add cheat codes support to Pseudo Saturn Kai ?
A: When it's done #doom# I don't like releasing things that don't work yet !
In order to wait until next release, please read my blog #smile#

Q: Can I play Marvel vs Street Fighter / Ultraman / Metal Slug / etc game with Gamer's Cartridge ?
A: No, because Gamer's Cartridge doesn't features 1MB/4MB RAM expansion and boot ROM.
Complete list of theses games requiring RAM/ROM cartridge can be found on Satakore.
Please note that using extra Action Replay won't be a lot better : games requiring ROM cartridge won't work, and expect few exceptions (Cotton 2), games requiring extra RAM will suffer from graphical glitches.

Q: Can I play commercial games from SD card with Gamer's Cartridge ?
A: No. Gamer's Cartridge is a XL-sized memory cartridge using SD card which also plays CD-R games, nothing else.

Q: Can I install Pseudo Saturn Kai on official memory cartridge ?
A: No : only boot cartridges (Action Replay, Memory Card Plus, Game Shark, and their clones) are compatible with Pseudo Saturn.

Q: "SD card init error" screen is displayed when using my Gamer's Cartridge. What should I do in order to fix this ?
A: First, Gamer's Cartridge requires a SD card inserted in order to work. Please insert a SD card if it's not already done.
If you inserted a SD card, but still get this "SD card init error" screen displayed, please follow SD card setup instructions if it's not already done.
If your SD card is still not recognized even after following setup instructions, please try with SD card from another brand ... it should work on next try #smile#
(Gamer's Cartridge doesn't requires "large capacity & expensive" SD card, so before purchasing a new SD card for testing, please give a try with the old SD card you used for your digital camera 10 years ago #wink#)

Q: Can I play Panzer Dragoon Saga with Pseudo Saturn Kai ?
A: Probably : Panzer Dragoon Saga is a bit problematic game, but was reported working with the following steps :
1. Before copying your game, patch its image file with Pseudo Saturn patcher utility.
2. When loading the game, please select "JHL" loader in boot loader selection menu.
Note #1 : JHL loader is not compatible with some Saturn models (example : Saturn grey one), hence answer to this question is "probably".
Note #2 : Virtual Memory Cart (saves on SD card) feature is not compatible with JHL loader, so if you want to use Panzer Dragoon save data, please import save data to internal save memory.

Q: When using Gamer's Cartridge, can I move my saves from internal memory to SD card for backup ?
And then, can I move back save data from SD card to internal save memory ?
A: Yes, it's possible : From firmware main menu, select "Save Data Manager" -> "Save Data Export/Dump" -> "Select Save(s) to export" -> "SD Card".
Then select the saves you want to backup. It's possible to select multiple saves with X button.
After confirming your selection, selected saves will be stored in your SD card's "SAVES\yyyymmdd" folder.
And of course, it's possible to import back theses saves with "Save Data Manager" -> "Save Data Import" feature.

Q: Do you have a list of PAL games that won't work correctly on a 60 Hz Saturn ?
A: Slicer1000 made a quite complete list of theses games, which can he found on his homepage.
You can also find another list on this tumblr page.

Q: "Firmware verification error" is displayed when trying to install Pseudo Saturn Kai ! What should I do ?
A: First, please take a deep breath, and DON'T reset your Saturn, because at that time cartridge is potentially bricked, hence may not boot correctly after that.
Instead, it is better to push Start button, and then select "Restart Flasher" menu item. Then, adjusting cartridge position in its slot (for example, lifting it by less than 1mm while verifying that cartridge IDs displayed on screen are correct) and retrying flashing operation will give a second chance to your cartridge.
There's no guarantee it can fix installation on your cartridge : if problems comes from dying flash chips, then this trick won't help a lot. And please install Pseudo Saturn Kai at your own risks !

Q: Is there a FAQ regarding Saturn cartridges ?
A: Yes, it is available on its own page.

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