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Day of the Sea - 2017 edition

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
Last Monday was a national holiday in Japan, called "Day of the Sea" (海の日). So I went to the sea, and spent a nice day there.

Priority peter in its natural environment :
very similar to me, but without the girls, and with
a TI89 in hand instead of the TI84+

Three years ago, I spent the whole summer period period at hospital without any occasion to go to the sea. So every time I go to the sea is like a little revenge over my cancer

I hope you're having a nice summer too


#1  - Michael Miller said :

Glad you beat it! Enjoy the revenge :)

#2  - cafealpha said :

I'm still having screening (but at low pace), so that's still too early to tell who won the game ^^
Anyway, thank you for your encouragement, and please have fun in playing Saturn ;)

#3  - Jim said :

I can relate slightly - though not as bad as cancer, I had a prostate infection that developed into chronic pelvic pain (read: penis pain) for about 2 years and still get it once in a while (due to tight muscles in that area from stress, which was what made it go on for so long). At 18 years old being told you'll probably never recover from this - it felt like being told I had a terminal illness because it made me want to die. However, I struggled on; either because I was too afraid to die, or because I was just too lazy to kill myself, and it was worth it. I didn't think I'd make it past 25 years of age, but here I am, and my life is so much better than I ever imagined it - I appreciate everything in life so much more now because not only do I feel like I earned it, but any difficulties I face will never be as hard as being told at 18 that I'll live with genital pain for my entire life.

Anyway I know you didn't ask for my life story, but the point is, I'm glad you kept going - you're important to the community and important to me. And most importantly of all, because you struggled on, you were able to immortalize yourself in your work. Whether you die tomorrow or 100 years from now, you work is immortalized in the hands of everyone that reads your website or buys one of your cartridges.

I'm happy to be one of those people.

Keep going.

#4  - cafealpha said :

Hi Jim, thank you for the kind comment ! And yes, life is more enjoyable after realizing how fragile it can be.
... I don't say that it is needed to have cancer in order, or any other chronic or unrecoverable disease like yours in order to enjoy life ! But unfortunately it's hard to realize value of life without experiencing bad times.
Yes, (I hope that) my cartridges and other projects will survive me ^^ And of course, I continue my Saturn projects, or at least trying to finish them :D


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