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NppFTP : The notepad++ plugin that changed my life

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I'm using Notepad++ daily. I should even say I'm using it many times a day !

At work instead of the crappy Visual Studio code editor.
At home in complement with gcc and instead of Quartus code editor.
I also use it to write memo, email drafts, and everything else.
Recently, I also used notepad++ to write php.
It's not I like php, but I had to modify some things on my homepage in order to make it working fine on my new homepage host.

And, until recently, I was using a homepage host that prevented me from using FTP.
Hence, php was written on local file, manually uploaded by using webftp, tested, modified on local file, uploaded by using webftp ... and so on.
That was one of the reason I really hate php : even if you develop/test smoothly your page on local disk (for example by using xampp), after that you will always loose many hours in order to make it working fine on host server.

After that, I switched my homepage host to one that provides FTP transfer.
I was thinking about how to improve homepage my development and testing. Using FileZilla was a simple idea but didn't improved anything : FTP client is good in order to upload data file, but inappropriate for php development.
So I tested other FTP based solutions, such as dropbox-like FTP synching tool, but not satisfied with them : the file synchronize feature was not needed and too dangerous when used on more than one computer.

And finally I discovered NppFTP plugin for notepad++ that perfectly fits to what I was looking for : this plugin allows to browse FTP folders directly from notepad++ GUI, download and open file in notepad++ when user double click on it, and upload to FTP folder when user save file on notepad++.


As files are downloaded from FTP to local temporary directory, everything is transparent to the user, so I don't have to bother anymore with FTP upload/download work.

I lost many days to find a good development environment for my homepage, but thanks to it, I could save half-a-day of upload/download/testing cycles :]

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