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I wanted to publish an article this October ...

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... and all of a sudden, November arrived

It's not like being under a quota of articles to write every months would stop the financing of my Saturn projects and in fact, as described on my "donate" page or this blog article, I don't have any interest in crowdfunding, or some kind of third party financing : if I'm not in the mood, or don't have enough free time to update this blog, then I don't update it

But well, moreover not being paid for not writing blog articles, as I actually have to pay to keep this blog alive (web page hosting is cheap but not free, but at least it's my own homepage ), I like to feed this blog from time to time even when being busy with real life things
So don't worry, I didn't stopped this blog : currently, I have one ongoing article that is waiting for its last paragraph and proofreading etc, but as I started more than two weeks ago (yes, that's my usual pace when preparing blog articles), please be patient until I finish it
I do have some ideas for future articles too, but theses are just ideas currently recorded as single lines in my TODO list, so I don't know when I actually start writing them

Regarding Pseudo Saturn Kai project, I ... didn't had a lot of free time to continue it recently In fact, I think I just turned on my Saturn once last month just to test if -as requested by someone by email- DoDonPachi worked with Pseudo Saturn Kai or not. The game worked fine here, so I turned off my dev Saturn an put it back in my closet for better times when I will be more available
BTW, I'm currently experiencing an unexpected burst of things to do at work, so it may take a while until things return back to normal But as I can't live without doing my Saturn projects, I promise that things will return back to normal as soon as possible

... Well, the contents in this article are a bit poor, so let's fill remaining space with random facts about my life recently The "okra" plant I wrote about in a previous blog article is still going well and I continue to water it regularly.

Okra in all its glory, 2018/10/18

Since summer is now finished, I no longer have to water it everyday, so that I now just do this regularly enough to prevent it from finishing yellow and burned  And yes, the kid who took back that from school completely forgot about its existence
I'm not keen on gardening (as suggested on the picture above, I don't even own a garden), but have a couple of pictures of other green things in reserve ... and I keep theses to fill future small posts

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Treatment report (2014/08/01)

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Today, I had 2 rehabilitation sceances.
Doctor told that my pronunciation is getting better, but I personally don't feel any progress ... I hope it is not a flattery (oseji) for my self-confidence only ...

Had my scars cleaned up on morning and night, and still some pus is going out ... the more the doctors seek, the more the doctors find pus in my mouth ^^;

And ... I had my hair shampooed today

Due to summer holidays here, there are a lot of children (from kindergarten to junior high school) here, and unfortunately, my room is very close to treatment room (= torture room ) ... from time to time, I can hear child crying because she don't want flexo camera being inserted in her nose ...
I understand her (I don't like flexo camera too !), but in this case, the more she cries, the painful and longer it will last

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Treatment report (2014/07/30)

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Today, mouth rehabilitation doctor provided 2 lessons instead of one usually :)
I drank around 11 spoons filled with water .... and choked with the half of them.

Then, had a shampoo, so my head feel (and smell) better now !

Before sleeping, doctors cleaned pus around my mouth ... on the same time, they found 1-2 sq. centimeter of dead skin that was hidden between reconstructed tongue and jawbone ...

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Treatment report (2014/07/28)

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First shower (from chest to foots) from my surgery 2 weeks ago !!!
And as an extra, nurse also shaved my 2 weeks old beard ... I can't do this my myself because of scars around my neck.

After that I moved my belongings from individual hospital room to a 4 people hospital room ... my neighboor snoring is noisy >_<

And, mouth rehabilitation doctor went to teach me how to drink water with my half cut tongue ... I always get chocked on every tries ! Drinking some water is difficult !!!

After that, doctor noticed some pus near my ear (close to scar due to surgery), so I have now some extra bandage on my neck ...

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