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Happy Birthday Pseudo Saturn !

Written by cafealpha 2 comments
Just a small article to wish an happy birthday to Pseudo Saturn

I'm not sure about the exact birth date of Pseudo Saturn, but it seems to be around July 7th, 2014 as it was announced on Assembler Games forums at that date. The first commit of source code was on the next day, and as contributors of this projects are spread around several time zones, it's difficult to give an exact birth date.

(Dated July 7th, 2014)

(Dated July 8th, 2014)

It is July 6th here, so I'm one day early to wish happy birthday to Pseudo Saturn, but as I will busy at home tomorrow (with non-Saturn things), and busy at work the day after tomorrow (with non-Saturn things too), it's better to wish this now than three months late

Now that I realize this project is already 5 years old, I feel a bit old But as at the moment of Pseudo Saturn initial release I was waiting for my turn of heavy surgery, it's cool to be alive 5 years after theses dark days for me

After adding virtual memory cartridge, then cheat codes and also doing some extra side quests (Dezaemon 2 Save Data Manager 3, cartridge-less cheat codes support for Rhea/Phoebe ODEs, etc) to Pseudo Saturn, I think I should take a little break regarding development of this project.

It's not an "I'm tired to continue that" farewell nor an "Everything is perfect in this project, so it should stay eternally as-is"; in fact Pseudo Saturn Kai was a reason to live (even if chemo is painful, or scars from surgery are hurting, or dudes at day work are boring), so I don't have plans to dump this project in a near future But on the other hand, I would like some extra time for other projects : I shall return back to Pseudo Saturn Kai development if theses other projects fail, or when I will miss the good old smell of Pseudo Saturn Kai source code

I was a bit in lack inspiration when choosing a closing picture, so please enjoy one about Vegeta from my collection.
I choose another picture of Vegeta in recovery machine as profile picture when registering on AG forums 5 years ago, to wish me a good recovery during relatively long (expected 3-5 weeks, but it latest 7 for me) hospitalization ... I'm still here so maybe it wasn't a bad choice 


#1  - Hslick said :

Hey, I'm glad you're here and made it this far! I basically use PSKai every time I play a Saturn game, so you will live on in your work for years to come.

I know I've commented about my chronic pain problems in the past before - more recently I was unfortunate enough to be told I had a tumor. Fortunately it was removed it, and it was benign, and it has not spread to any other part of my body. Very lucky to have caught it early. Our bodies can be our greatest adversary sometimes eh? Your story inspires me.

I'm excited to see what other projects you dedicate your time to - PSKai was certainly successful!

#2  - cafealpha said :

So I saw well ! It's good to keep in touch with Saturn Gamer's Cartridge users.

Cancer and tumors and general are result of our bodies expressing the pain -physical or psychical- they are enduring, so even if it's a popular expression to "fight" (or another f-verb) cancer it doesn't makes a lot of sense to me to fight one's own body. Keep being in good terms with yourself and things may improve hopefully :)
Don't interpret what I didn't said : I didn't cured my cancer with yoga and carrot juice ! The statement above won't replace conventional medical treatment, but I believe it may make the difference.
And, I wish you a prompt recovery !!

Please be patient for news about next project(s) : I prefer to keep things private about ongoing projects while theses are not mature enough, basically in order to avoid too much pressure on my side, and potential false hopes on public side. It takes time (some projects are still waiting from second half of 2010's ...) but that at the end something cool may be released.


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