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Gamer's Cartridge on Twitter !

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That's always a pleasure to see Gamer's Cartridge users having fun with their Saturns, and showing it on social networks
I'm not registered to Twitter, and don't like self-promotion of my projects else where than on my homepage ... but I like self-flattery (), so let's put here some pictures of Gamer's Cartridges I could find on Twitter

Dezaemon DB's Gamer's Cartridge
Many thanks to him for Dezaemon DB homepage !

Nidone's Gamer's Cartridge
"Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my Saturn from my parents house"

Unagiman's Gamer's Cartridge
"I can't remember where I stored Dezaemon 2 CDROM (´Д`)"

Unagiman's Skeleton Saturn, very shibui

Beeraka's cartridge.
Beeraka-san is the author of Dezaemon-themed labels !
Many thanks to him for the good work !


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