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点滴と注射… - Intravenous and injection

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Cancer : choice of the place to cure it

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I don't know how it is in other countries, but in my personal case in Japan, I had to choose a place where my tongue cancer will be treated.
The main reason is that the prefectural hospital where I live don't perform such surgeries for this kind of cancer.
Instead, the doctor in charge of my case proposed to write an invitation letter to an hospital that is competent for this kind of surgery.

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Fighting against cancer

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Hi, it's around 3 weeks it didn't went to my job ...
It's not I don't like my job, in fact it is the contrary : after graduating, I choose an interesting job rather than a weel paid one
So as you guessed from the title, I was diagnosed a stage 4 tongue cancer, and will start treatment for it from next week.
Well, from what I could read on internet, operation for this cancer is a severe one, but I will do my best to overcome it.

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