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No more spam ? "I'll be back" edition

Written by cafealpha 5 comments
Second (and I hope last) part of this article ...

Last week, I spend half a day in getting rid of spam messages via my homepage contact form.
And, it seems to work well

So today, I spent another half a day in getting rid of spam messages via this blog's comments
So I removed bullshit advertisement messages scattered on my blogs comments, and tried captcha plugin for PluXml (= my blog's CMS).
And unfortunately, image based captcha plugin doesn't seem to work well, because it blocks ALL comments ... very efficient spam filter
So I added a simple additional test when posting comments. Hope you will solve it ... or not in the case you are a robot

Extra : I spend the other half a day in testing Saturn cartridge with custom USB dev cart connected to my laptop and Open Logic Sniffer and JTAG (ByteBlaster on my desktop's Parallel Port, because I don't have enough budget to buy a USB Blaster ^^; ) around my Saturn
Here is a snapshot of signals when it finally worked :

Can you guess what it is about ?


#1  - hitomi2500 said :

Some kind of serial interface here, very much like SPI or I2C. Active clock edge is rising if clock and data are driven by same side, or falling otherwise.
BTW, USB blasters are for ¥600 at aliexpress or other chinese shop. They're not official i suppose, but they work pretty much the same.

#2  - cafealpha said :

@hitomi2500 : You spotted well, it's SPI interface :) Thank you for the informations about USB blaster. Hardware dudes at work only use official (super expensive) devices, so I always wondered if Chinese copies would work well.

#3  - Alexandre "TabajaraLabs" Souza said :

Greetings from Brazil, Cafealpha! I confirm these USB Blasters from china work well. I keep a stock of 3 here for everything I need to do away from my trusty Beeprog (from elnec) programmer.

Also, take a look at Saleae logic analyzer clones. They are great!

Offtopic question: Why Sord M5 computers are so expensive even in Japan? :)

#4  - cafealpha said :

@Alexandre "TabajaraLabs" Souza :Thank you for the info ! In fact, I ordered and received an USB blaster last month, but didn't had time to test it. Maybe next week I can finally test it ...

#5  - cafealpha said :

@Alexandre "TabajaraLabs" Souza : About logic analyzer : I own an Open Logic Sniffer that saved some debugging hours last month :) In fact, SPI screenshot in this article was taken from OLS software. BTW, OLS software is not so good (java T-T ...), but hardware is very good for my needs ! And, I don't know about Sword M5 computers. The only vintage hardware I know is Saturn :)


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