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No more spam messages via my contact form ?

Written by cafealpha no comments
From last week, I'm receiving many spam messages via my contact form .
I have other things to do than reading and deleting this bullshit, so I added two confirmation fields in the contact form :
 - Email address confirmation.
 - Turing test, not very difficult to solve, but let's see how smart nowadays AIs are

I didn't added captcha, because :
 - It's a waste of time
 - Personally, I sometimes can't solve them
 - It relies on external site and/or waste resources on homepage server side, and I don't like this.

So, dear spambots, I don't thank you for wasting my time in reading your so important messages, and spending half a day in adding security in my mail form. Hope this is the last time I waste my time for you

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