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Happy new year 2019 !

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
As indicated in the title, I wish you an happy new year for 2019 !
Did you decided about your promises for this new year ? Personally I didn't and just plan to continue having fun with my Saturn

And, I hope that the new freshly released Pseudo Saturn Kai bringed you even more fun with your beloved Saturn If you want more rings for Sonic, or doing off-track tourism in Sega Rally without minding about remaining time until next check point, this is now possible thanks to cheat codes feature

In an unrelated note, it's funny to notice that people pre-flashing Action Replay cartridges had short winter holidays, because Action Replay with new logo on label were found around one week after Pseudo Saturn Kai release
Custom Pseudo Saturn Kai logo
Thanks to Alien^PDX for finding it

The design is questionable : why such aspect ratio for the logo ?! I guess it's to see it when cartridge is plugged, but I personally think it's a bit too "stomped" Anyway, that's still better than the original Action Replay logo !


#1  - Alexandre "TabajaraLabs" Souza said :

Just sent you an e-mail to the hotmail. Don't know if you still reads it, there is a pair of newly found bugs :)

#2  - cafealpha said :

Long time no see !!! It took time for me, but I finally had time to answer your email and a couple of other ones :)

#3  - zone66x said :

Hey hey,
been a while also :) Glad to see your still going at it. Noticed on ebay also the other day that there are 3 different pre-flashed cartridges there too that are red:


Some Hong Kong seller.

Noticed you posted some videos with my custom cases when I did a search for zone66x lol. Awsome :D



#4  - cafealpha said :

Hello Alex, it's cool to see you back :)
The new kind of pre-flashed Action Replay-ish cartridges exist from around 2017 I think. Some hardware revisions physically separate flash ROM for Pseudo Saturn Kai and backup memory, which have the advantage to make Pseudo Saturn Kai still booting even if cartridge backup memory ROM is bricked because of intensive usage.
Theses cartridges use "legacy" chips (which already existed during the commercial era of the Saturn), so it's funny to see that it took around 20 years to finally get dual flash ROM Action Replay carts becoming a thing ^^

Hehe, I preciously keep your custom cases for personal usage : I like to keep one functional cartridge every time I make minor changes to Gamer's Cartridge PCB, and as your cases are all different, that's very convenient to identify which one have which kind of PCB. And yes, I prefer to use your cases when taking a video : theses are way more classy than regular Action Replay one :)


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