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Cancer : choice of the place to cure it

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I don't know how it is in other countries, but in my personal case in Japan, I had to choose a place where my tongue cancer will be treated.
The main reason is that the prefectural hospital where I live don't perform such surgeries for this kind of cancer.
Instead, the doctor in charge of my case proposed to write an invitation letter to an hospital that is competent for this kind of surgery.
And, as I'm a gaijin in living in Japan, I was also proposed to treat my cancer in my home country (France).
First choice of the country was difficult :
 - Japan : 30% of the medical costs on my side, close to my wife and my sons, medical care slighlty better than in France
 - France : no medical cost on my side, close to parents and relatives
In Japan, country pays 70% of medical costs to "hokensho" card owners. Remaining has to be paid by a private insurance company, or the patient himslef.

As I just turned 30 years old, I wasn't thinking to have to cure cancer, so I wasn't paying a private insurance for it. Hence, 30% of the medical costs are from my pocket money, but I choose Japan, for the following reasons :
 - I would be close to my wife and my sons.
 - I want the better treatment for my cancer.

After that comes the time to choose the hospital in Japan.
As I live far from big cities as Tokyo, I choose to receive my medical treatment in Okayama University hopital.
Hope this choice will be a wise one

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