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Retro Cyber Monday (2021/11/29)

Written by cafealpha 7 comments
2021/12/12更新 : こちらへ販売を再開しています。2021年のラストオーダーです。

Update 2021 Dec. 12th : Gamer's Cartridges are available in the article here.

2021/11/30更新 : ただいま注文処理中のためコメントを停止しています。販売再開までしばらくお待ちください。

Update 2021 Nov. 30th : I received more orders than expected ^^; Please wait until current orders are processed so that I can re-open this article.

Good news for everyone looking for a Gamer's Cartridge : 4 of them are available for sale

As in previous flash sale, these cartridges use 3D printed shell whose shape and color may vary.
So in order to order a cartridge, please post a comment with the ID of the cartridge you want to purchase. And please don't forget to indicate your email in the appropriate field when writing the comment so that I can contact you back to continue the ordering of the cartridge.

Rule to be selected for the ordering of a cartridge is "first-come first-served" so if someone wrote a comment with the ID of your favorite cartridge, please select another cartridge or wait for another flash sale ... if any.

List of cartridges available :
 - #1 : transparent shell (details)
 - #8 : Metallic color + Cassini label (details)
 - #16 : Green color + Dezaemon 2 label (details)
 - #22 : Red color + Dezaemon 2 label (details)

Cartridges support in-game backup memory to SD card, Pseudo Saturn exploit (play CD-R backups), cheat codes and smooth support of Rhea/Phoebe and Fenrir ODEs.
On the other hand 1MB/4MB expansion RAM, CD-ROM emulation or any other advanced features are not supported.

Pricing is the same as before : USD 77 for the cartridge itself and shipping price is described in EMS homepage in "Up to 500g" row.
So for example of an order to USA, the total is USD 77 + JPY 2000 (around USD 17) = USD 94.

Shipping method is EMS only, so please verify if it can be delivered in your country.
If you live in a country not (yet ?) covered by EMS, the only alternative is surface mail, which takes an eternity to deliver (well, I exaggerate, but three months is quite long for a small package to arrive) and not super well tracked too.

Payment method is Paypal only : sorry but I don't accept any electronic currency as well as barter economy as well as anything else than Paypal.

(Lower half of this article in same as above but in Japanese.
All your bases are belong to us)



 - #1 : 透明ケース (詳細ページ)
 - #8 : メタリックカラー+Cassiniラベル (詳細ページ)
 - #16 : 緑色ケース+デザエモン2ラベル (詳細ページ)
 - #22 : 赤色ケース + デザエモン2ラベル (詳細ページ)

カートリッジはGamer's Cartridgeです。詳細については デザエモンDBMDの窓 のご確認お願いします。( 当ホームページは英語がメインのためお勧めしません^^; )

 - カートリッジ1個:米ドル77 (約8730円)
 - 送料:日本全国一律USD6 (約680円)


ページの下にWrite a commentのところで以下の欄を記入:
 Name: 適当なハンドル名 (本名は記入しないでください)
 E-mail: メールアドレス (ブログに公開されません)
 Site: 空欄
 Comment: カートリッジIDを記載
 スパムチェック: サターンを英字で記入




#1  - tomorinko said :

I want to buy cartridge # 8

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#3  - tomorinko said :

I want to buy cartridge # 8

#4  - cafealpha said :


#5  - tomorinko said :

I want to buy cartridge # 8

#6  - hiroyuki said :

I want to buy cartridge # 1

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