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Parallel Past (2021/03/29)

Written by cafealpha 7 comments
After a long wait there is finally an update of Pseudo Saturn Kai !
... and, there's not a lot of new things from previous version : only the minimum stuff to work correctly with latest (20210207) firmware for Fenrir ODE .

But wait, there's more ! As the weird title of this article suggests, this release is a bit special because it was made directly from previous release (v6.408) of Pseudo Saturn Kai and this is why both release numbers are quite close : there are other changes pending but not available in v6.411a and instead available in a "parallel future".

So you may ask why everything new is not available in v6.411a, and the answer is simple : all pending changes together don't work ! Additionally to small changes and improvements, this was an attempt to get write access working on Fenrir SD card, but as the previous times it didn't worked and in fact was terrible enough to break other base features such as SD card refresh

So rather than trying to fix everything in the same time, I simply focused on what's most important : fixing compatibility with Fenrir firmware 20210207, and the strategy paid because if I continued in trying to fix everything together, Pseudo Saturn Kai would certainly be still stuck at the same "nothing works" dead spot !

The plans for near future is to return back to main codebase indicated as "v6.419" in the picture above, merge back the fixes around firmware 20210207 from v6.411a and then terminate the remaining pending changes ! Now that base features are finally working correctly I hope that the remaining won't take a lot of time until being ready to release.

After finishing base and extra features, I shall finally be ready to attack the "Fenrir save data export & import" final boss. In order to (finally) go on next development goal, I really would like to terminate that this time, so please wish me good luck

Last but not least, I would like to express warm thanks to privateye, who helped a lot in the preparations of this release !!!

TL/DR: a new version of Pseudo Saturn Kai is available, but as it only contains tweaks to work with Fenrir, please wait for next release in the case you're not using this ODE


#1  - ruiner9 said :

Thanks for the incremental update! The Fenrir might not have all the bells and whistles that the more expensive ODEs do, but when coupled with your Kai cart, it blows them all away! I always appreciate your efforts.

#2  - cafealpha said :

I clearly can't do the same kind of fancy menu as in MODE, but instead I shall try to make Pseudo Saturn Kai a convenient tool for people who enjoy playing with their Saturn. For me, that's the most important :)

#3  - SaturnFanboy said :


I was wondering if you are making updates for the PSK + AR4in1 to work better with the Satiator?

I was just curious

#4  - cafealpha said :

Not yet : if possible (= if there are not too many troubles regarding development) I would like to terminate save data access via Fenrir ODE before that.

#5  - Chederson Estime said :

I've update my fenrir to 2021/07/02 version alongside the pseudokai v6.637 but my games refuse to launch now. Do I need to reflash my action replay once again? Like I don't quite know where to go from here.

Thank you

#6  - privateye said :

This is a known bug and re-flashing your Action Replay cartridge won't do anything. If you want to continue using Pseudo Saturn Kai with Fenrir, please downgrade to the previous Fenrir firmware. Once Pseudo Saturn Kai is updated, you can then use the latest firmware.

#7  - cafealpha said :

As indicated by privateye, Pseudo Saturn Kai itself needs to be updated in order to support latest Fenrir API. I hope this to be ready on next month, so in advance thank you for your patience !


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