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New PCB Color !

Written by cafealpha 2 comments
So I'm currently preparing next batch of Gamer's Cartridge, and am glad to introduce new PCB color

Gamer's Cartridge PCBs in various colors

I unfortunately didn't had blue Rev 3.3 (b) PCB when taking the picture above ... in fact, it's a long time I didn't soldered blue PCBs

The main interest in soldering PCBs with different colors is to make soldering activity funny, which is important for me since cartridges are assembled by hand : if making cartridges would become boring, I would prefer to stop everything rather than automatize assembly process !

My impressions after soldering a black PCB are ... a bit mixed : yeah, the PCB looks cool, but there's no contrast between tracks and isolated areas, so I definitely wouldn't use this color for new projects
One example of this lack of contrast can be found in cow logo, whose rendering is terrible in black color :
Cow logo on black PCB ... playing hide and seek

Among PCB colors I tried so far, I personally prefer ... standard green color, and then maybe red color. Also, I still didn't tested yellow color, so let's try it on next batch  I fear that contrast won't be better than on green PCB however


#1  - Jim said :

Being able to see green better could have something to do with the green colour space being the most visible to the human eye - I believe that's why night vision is typically tinted green!

Or I could be talking nonsense.

#2  - cafealpha said :

Maybe ... or maybe not, I don't know ^^; What's sure is that the "near zero contrast" on black PCBs is by design, in order to make them looking classy.
(PS : sorry for the delay !!)


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