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Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.324 - 2019' Cherry Picked Best Selection

Written by cafealpha 10 comments
As usual I'm not very on time for sending my best wishes  but I hope that everyone spent a nice Christmas and are appreciating winter vacations
To add even more fun to theses vacations, I'm happy to announce that latest flavor of Pseudo Saturn Kai is -finally- publicly available !

To be frank, there are no new major feature for Pseudo Saturn Kai in this release : the most important news is not hidden in Pseudo Saturn Kai itself, but in Save Data Manager, with a new edition of Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager, featuring 11 new opus !

Regarding this new edition of Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager, I really want to thank each respective contributor for their passionate work in shmup creation :
 - mk2, designer of DAIOH Huricane Special
 - WANG, designer of Houkou Tiger
 - Krissewyse, designer of Sonic Shooter, Last Soldier and several other unique shmup games

HouKou Tiger in action on my dev Saturn
Also featuring screenshots gallery of DAIOH Hurricane

I also would like to give a special thanks to Dezaemon DB (wiki) for all his support around floppy disk emulation in Gamer's Cartridge and motivating me in developing a new blend of Save Game Manager for Dezaemon 2, which then turned into Save Game Manager 3 (released on last Winter) and Save Game Manager 4, freshly releasing right now.
Unfortunately I didn't received any news from Dezaemon DB for more than two years, but I continue to believe he will be back in action in Dezaemon community someday.

Regarding Pseudo Saturn Kai itself, majority of changes in this release concern fixes in automatic game loader and cheat codes list. So if previous version of Pseudo Saturn Kai installed on your cartridge are working fine with your favorite games library, then ... theses games will continue to play fine with latest version.
But if you are experiencing problems with a game, it is worth trying this latest version. If even after that, some problematic games still doesn't wants to boot, then please consider verifying how well Pseudo Saturn Kai can fix hardware problems of your cartridge

All theses improvements were directed by privateye, who really deserve warm thanks for this huge work !!
It's a big task to get a project working more or less correctly as it was in previous releases of Pseudo Saturn Kai. But it's an even bigger task when trying to fix all the little details around that project Without privateye, Pseudo Saturn Kai certainly wouldn't had its edges polished so well

And, Gamer's Cartridge users may appreciate that a problem sometimes happening when retrieving Saturn date and time has been fixed in this release.
This bug was introduced in previous (6.314) version because I didn't checked enough side effects of modification done at that time to add support for wireless pads.
Concretely speaking, this fixes the file time stamp of save data files as well as folder naming (which is based on Saturn date) when dumping save(s) to SD card.
Except that, Gamer's Cartridge support is equivalent to previous version, so if you don't want to brick your Gamer's Cartridge (risk is super low, but I can't assert it to be zero), then continuing using previous version may be a wise choice. After all, rather than upgrading to latest firmware, the most important is to play your favorite games

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#1  - ruiner9 said :

Thank you for continuing to make little improvements on the best accessory ever made for the Saturn! Really enjoying some of the new Dezaemon 2 games. Those "Games 'N" series shmups are especially ridiculous. Have a happy New Year, CafeAlpha!

#2  - cafealpha said :

Thank you for the kind comment, and I whish you an happy new year too !
I do like the Games'Nrus games too :)

#3  - vbt said :

great release and happy new year !

#4  - cafealpha said :

Well, that's more or less summer now, but I whish you an happy new year too :)

#5  - mistamontiel said :


#6  - cafealpha said :

Have fun with this new version !

#7  - Alex said :

In the future, can you please add flashing support for 29F200?

#8  - cafealpha said :

That's an obsolete chip, AFAIK not used in Action Replay or other clones. And additionally it features a 16 bits data bus, while flasher is tuned to access two chips with 8 bits data bus.
So I don't think it makes a lot of sense to add support for such kind of flash ROM chip.

#9  - Chris said :

Love all the continued work and development on the Kai ^_^. I just "upgraded" to a MODE, I've noticed that there have been improvements for use with the other ODEs on the Saturn, but nothing I can find mentions the MODE. Is there a really a need to use the Kai, on a Action Replay 4 Plus cart with the MODE?

#10  - cafealpha said :

I'm sorry that Pseudo Saturn Kai currently focusing on other ODEs.
With MODE, the main (and only ?) advantage of Pseudo Saturn Kai is cheat codes feature (to enable invincibility or infinite lives etc) so if you don't need this feature it's better to uninstall Pseudo Saturn Kai by using pskai_sdm.iso → flasher utility → "Erase cartridge ROM" at the bottom of firmware selection list. After that, cheat codes and backup memory features won't be available but 1MB/4MB expansion RAM feature will remain.


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