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Custom Cartridge Shells : The Gallery

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
It took one eye blink from previous article to directly arrive on today, the last day of September ... time flies
And, in application of the contract between my Saturn projects and PPCenter, I have to write at least one blog article per month (*)
My remaining free time for this month is around 20 minutes, so I'm hurrying up to write an article

(*) PPCenter is the entity which manages the hobbies I do on my spare time. As a consequence, it also manages the revenues earned from my homebrew projects, which is why I should finish this damn article if I want to eat something else than cup noodles during next month
So I hope this Q&D article will please you, and in the meantime of this page being loaded, don't forget to send me a donation ! Every little bit helps and contribute to pay my the gasoline for my car as well as three meals per day

Custom Cartridge Shells

(as indicated in the title)
A while ago, I finally decided to put public the page about custom shells for my cartridges. Theses were designed, 3D-printed and offered by Zone66x : he is the only one to deserves the credits for this hard work

Main interest of theses custom shells is to have their shape carefully designed to hold SD card on the top of the cartridge : with regular shell made from Action Replay shells, the SD card sticks out by 2-3 mm, which was improved on custom shells with have enclosure to be at the same height of SD card's.
Another good point is that theses shells were prototyped in several shapes and colors ! I personally like transparent shells like this one

About the points that put the advantage on Action Replay shells is the solidity : Action Replay shells are way more stronger, but this was expected because theses are "just" prototypes. I suppose that using commercial 3D printing service and appropriate material would provide stronger shells, but I didn't tested things this far.

IMPORTANT : theses custom shells were offered, hence the cartridges using theses shells are not for sale and for my own collection or for friends, etc.
If you want a Gamer's Cartridge and are OK to get an Action Replay shell instead of custom one, then please check their order page from time to time and use the order form when it is available


#1  - ruiner9 said :

What a cool gallery! I enjoyed seeing a little tour of the cartridge shells, noting the differences and improvements along the way. Personally, I think the metallic gray/ silver color is the nicest looking, although my standard gray Gamer's Cartridge suits me just fine! :)

#2  - cafealpha said :

Thank you for the kind comment ! The shells are fancy but the inside is the same for both 3D printed and standard carts, so if you want to use your Gamer's Cartridge for playing (rather than collecting) then I confirm that everything should be fine :)

#3  - Gorka said :

I liked the "light blue" shell a lot! It would match perfectly with my white Saturn in which I installed a blue LED light.
I guess I still have a chance to win a Gamer's Cartridge guessing out the code for the easter egg hidden in the last PSK release, ha ha ha!

#4  - cafealpha said :

The "find the easter egg in Pseudo Saturn Kai" contest is still open (it closes at the end of this year = around 7474620 seconds remaining), and the lucky winner will be able to choose the shell of their choice, at the exception of few ones such as the large shells used for prototypes carts, and the carts I no longer own, etc.
If you are OK with a regular cartridge, then today is the good occasion because I will re-open the cartridge order page soon :)


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