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Gamer's Cartridges temporarily not available ! (Edit: now available ♪)

Written by cafealpha 10 comments
Normal sales people make announcements when their things to sale are available ... I personally don't like aggressive advertisement, hence prefer to make announcement when things to sale are not available

So I don't plan to process Gamer's Cartridge for a while ... reason for this is simple : I can't go to post office during winter vacations (and probably won't have time for emails too), so I prefer to temporarily stop selling cartridge rather than asking people for waiting

Sorry, that's the only picture I found for this article
(Grabbed from here )

So I wish you nice winter vacations ! I don't know there, but weather here is cold and windy, hence well suited for playing Saturn

Edit (2017/01/12) : cartridges are back for sale ! More informations on my Saturn cartridges page.
During winter vacations, I found a couple of cartridges with "Rev 3.3 (a)" PCB (one revision before latest revision, only position of LEDs is different) while tidying up my apartment
BTW, happy new year


#1  - chayliss said :


how do we get our hands on this cool stuff...what if others want to make them if demand is higher than your output. what is the cost?


#2  - cafealpha said :

@chayliss : My cartridges are open source, so everybody with enough spare time and soldering skills can make their own. And when DIY-ing few carts, there are no relevant cost difference with price on my homepage (I develop & make cartridges for fun on my spare time, not for profit).

#3  - cafealpha said :

@chayliss : "how do we get our hands on this cool stuff" > Here :) Thank you for the question : it looks like I forgot to put a link my cartridges page from this article (it is fixed now).

#4  - Mustie said :

Where can i get a 13 pin sd card connector, as i can on find 12 pin and lower as i would like to make my own from your kicad designs.

#5  - cafealpha said :

@Mustie : I use "SCDABA0500" from ALPS Electrics, which can (for example) be purchased here on mouser.  Please note that it was recently tagged as "Not recommended for new designs", so you may want to use other SD card socket according to life expectancy of your project(s).

#6  - Mustie said :

Which file do I use to flash the gamers cart for in line programming. As all I can find is a bin file and the altera programme what's a vhdl file

#7  - cafealpha said :

@Mustie : CPLD firmware is not available. At some point it will be publicly released.

#8  - Mustie said :

Ok so im a bit lost now. How do i get the Pseudo Saturn 'Kai firmware on the gamers cart. Can i just flash the SST chips and which one or do i just do a disc swap trick. which im having trouble with at the mo but should get it sorted soon i hope lol.
Sorry for asking so many questions but this is my first project in soldering smd's and electronics, didnt want to start of with a small project.

#9  - cafealpha said :

@Mustie : CPLD handles access to flash memory chips, so if you already soldered flash chips, it is necessary to flash the CPLD in order to enable access to flash ROM from Saturn, and consequently being able to flash them. I won't release CPLD stuff soon, so you can either wait until I release it, or code it by yourself (it's not that difficult :) ).

#10  - cafealpha said :

@Mustie : PS: You're probably the first one after me trying to make Gamer's Cart by yourself, and I'm very curious how it looks like :) Don't hesitate to send pictures of your PCB publicly (via imgur or anything similar), or by email .


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