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Tired ...

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
I just spent the whole week not (or few) sleeping during night, then sleeping because of fatigue during day
I don't know the reason of this, but I suspect bad weather (I rained nearly all week here), and also children sleeping in "kawa no ji" style.

What is "kawa no ji" style ? This is a Japanese expression used to speak about children sleeping in the same room/bed as parent's.
While it's not very common in Western countries, I'm personally OK about this, but it would be great if children wouldn't move so much while sleeping !
Example : you fall asleep with son#1 on your right side, and you wake up during night with son#1 near your foot, and son#2 pushing on your back

Another reason may also be chemo I'm currently taking : among the side effects, fatigue or feeling heavy is mentioned.

I'm currently taking "TS-1" chemo drug, which is administered orally as any other "normal" capsule drug. One of the difference with regular drug is that effects (and so side effects) are a little stronger than drugs everybody take when they get a cold
data/images/20141009_nks1.tb.jpg data/images/20141009_nks1_pack.tb.jpg data/images/20141110_ts1.tb.jpg
TS-1 and NKS-1 (TS-1 generic) capsules

Until now, I experienced the following side effects :
 - Diarrhea
 - Nose bleeding
 - Mouth ulcer
 - Fatigue
Fortunately, side effects are relatively mild, and also I experienced them one per one

Let's hope this week's fatigue state is temporary If it is due to chemo side effect, then I'm OK with this, because I consider it is part of the price to pay in order to get rid of my cancer


#1  - Serge said :

Hi cafealpha!
How are you feeling now? I hope you are getting used to the chemo and you don't have to take that medicine for a long time.

#2  - cafealpha said :

@Serge : Thank you for your support message ! Funny coincidence : after one year taking TS-1 chemo, I took my last chemo pill yesterday :) I wanted to post an article about this "event", but was too lazy/busy to write it ^^;

#3  - Serge said :

Good news indeed! They say the world works in mysterious ways my friend. Good luck with the rest of your treatment! =)

#4  - cafealpha said :

@Serge : Thank you ! Treatment (chemo) itself is finished, but the war isn't over ... constant care and cancer relapse prevention is required for the next years. One day trip to hospital (for CT scan, blood examination, etc) is OK, I really don't want to spend weeks in hospital anymore !


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