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Saturn cartridge firmware flash utility : small update #2

Written by cafealpha 12 comments
I made some fixes to my flasher utility.
 - Added support for SST29LE010 flash chip
 - Added memory verify after flashing
 - Fixed erase/write operations AM29F010 flash chip
 - On startup, inform user that 3D pad and multitap pad are not supported

Thanks to beta testers on ASSEMbler forums, this new version has high chances to work on your Saturn cartridge
However, if you experience any problem, please let me know by leaving a comment to this article.

Some screenshots :
BFBF/0808 flash chip, not recognized on previous version.
This version does now detect it as a 29LE010 device from SST.
Picture provided by dgist71.

Write to AM29F010 chip was incorrect in previous version.
As displayed in this screenshot, this is fixed now.
Picture provided by XeCuTioNR.

You can download this utility here : flasher_20140902.7zflasher_arp_20150326.7zhttp://ppcenter.webou.net/pskai/
Disclaimer : You will loose your cartridge backup data after reflash. And, I'm not responsible in the case I brick your cartridge and/or damage your Saturn.


#1  - ponyone said :

I have a Memory Card Plus by interact. When I use your disc I get to the menu that tells me to press start. I do and it tells me the vendors are unknown and then resets back to the main saturn options screen. Any help?

#2  - cafealpha said :

@ponyone :Hi, sorry for the delay !Memory card plus may use uncommon flash chips, so that the flasher utility may not recognize thems, and hence interrupt flashing process.Can you post the IDs displayed on screen when the utility tells that vendor/device are unknown ?Example when using USB dev cart : "vendor ID = BFBF, device ID = B7B7"After you post theses IDs, I will verify if your cart can be flashed or not.

#3  - max said :

Check my woes here:

Do you think you can support BFBF-1212 to unblock my AR4n1?
Not sure why my 2 MCPs are not recognized.

#4  - cafealpha said :

@max : Are you phoenixdownita on assembler forums ? If so, I just answered you on Pseudo Saturn topic. Thank you in advance if you are ready for beta testing :)

#5  - mg said :

Hello, and thanks so much for your work! This is probably a silly question - I'm thinking about getting a Saturn multi-tap, does the note indicate that the multi-tap is not supported by the flasher utility, or not supported at all by games booted with Pseudo Saturn Kai?

#6  - cafealpha said :

@mg : latest flasher and firmware should support multitap, but I didn't tested this in depth. Please let me know if you find a bug when using multitap, it shouldn't be difficult to fix :)

#7  - mg said :

Happy to report that I got 2 Saturn multi-taps and so far everything works exactly as expected! Thanks again! Cheers.

#8  - cafealpha said :

@mg : Great ! Thank you for the feedback :)

#9  - mg said :

Hello again, I am having a problem with my multi-tap. It was working fine since my last post in August - I plugged in my multi-tap, plugged my controller into the multi-tap, powered on my Saturn and pressed "A" to Start Game on the Pseudo Saturn menu and the game would load fine.

Starting a few weeks ago I'm not able to start any game with the multi-tap connected, I get the error

Loading Disc...
41000096 -> 41-> 0
Invalid region set!ck..Done.
Reading CD data..Error -1.

The same disc will load fine if the controller is connected directly to the console. Not sure how or why this could start out of the blue.

Any ideas?

#10  - cafealpha said :

@mg : Can you try each loaders (CWX loader, then JHL loader) ? Also, can you get an original game booting ? Also, please try "cartridge self test" feature (with B button from main menu), and please report if it displays some errors. In advance thank you and please keep me informed :)

#11  - mg said :

Hello, I had the same issue with an original game. I tried the cartridge self test and no errors reported. I decided to reflash the cart - it's working fine again now!

#12  - cafealpha said :

@mg : thank you for the feedback. I'm relieved everything is working fine now :)


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