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Pseudo Saturn Kai Installation Video

Written by cafealpha 3 comments
I sometimes have several nice stories about hardware/firmware/software development experiences I would like to develop on this blog, but when comes the time to write it's usually annihilated by ...
  • The lack of free time : my "free time" for Saturn is usually one hour or two in the early morning, or a similar duration during night
  • The lack of financial support : while Pseudo Saturn Kai kept me busy for around 5 years (I started by developing firmware flasher in August 2014, to then start developing my own Kai firmware from the following year), I only received 5 US dollars for it.
    Maybe it would had been smarter to do more aggressive show business about my Saturn projects to get more money from crowds, but while I consider development as a funny activity, show business isn't : bragging about some project super cool but shall be finished someday is not for me.
    I prefer to directly try finishing theses unfinished projects instead
  • The lack of motivation : after writing an article here, that usually ends in ...
     - People commenting, but about a Pseudo Saturn Kai setup trouble  on their clone cartridge usually not related to the blog article it was commented from.
     - People commenting, but about requiring about unrelated XYZ feature in Pseudo Saturn Kai, or any kind of technical collaboration that I should definitely volunteer on.
     - Nobody commenting : I personally consider this is as the best option because at least it doesn't requires me to spend time writing any reply.

    Okay, here is just a flaky blog about B-rank homebrew projects made by one random dude on a vintage video games console, so who care ?
    But whatever it may be, I continue unidirectional writing here in order to get fun stories to tell to grandchildren in the future

Back to the main topic : no motivation and no time for this blog. As a countermeasure let's write a short article

As indicated on the title, this is about installation videos of Pseudo Saturn Kai !
For the "no time and motivation for show business" reasons detailed above, I personally don't had time to do any kind of video, but Retro Sim was kind enough to prepare one

Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 installation video

I hope this video showed how easy to upgrade from an older version of Pseudo Saturn Kai to latest one : that's just the matter of burning a CD-R, to boot it in the same way as your favorite game, and to follow instruction displayed on screen !

The only difficult part during installation of Pseudo Saturn Kai (for example from Action Replay stock firmware) is that it requires usage of CD swap method to make setup CD-R booting correctly.
This is however not necessary when installing over an older version of Pseudo Saturn Kai, so there are no excuses to use outdated version of Pseudo Saturn Kai

This latest v6.314 flavor of Pseudo Saturn Kai was made with my heart, blood and tears as the previous ones, so I hope it will contribute to make Saturn more and more appreciated
There aren't major feature addition from previous (6.274) version, but cheat codes support was a bit improved and all control pads including third party ones should be now correctly supported. And as usual, it's free (like in free beer) to use


#1  - Hslick said :

Posted a day before my birthday - a fine present.

You're one of my favourite people on the internet and your work and website are valuable to me.

#2  - cafealpha said :

Thank you for the kind comment :) I'm a bit early, but please let me wish you an happy birthday !
It seems your birthday is very close to Pseudo Saturn's, and I'm jealous of you for that reason :D
PS : aren't you a Gamer's Cartridge user ? If so, I wish you happy retro fun with your Saturn ♪

#3  - Hslick said :

Thanks! Just saw the other posts and I'm about to read them :)

I am a Gamer's Cartridge user! Thank you I can guarantee you that I will :)


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