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Scritch, scritch ...

Written by cafealpha 3 comments
Today was a coding-free recreation day
Instead of coding, I used my brand new rasp (file) on a Saturn memory cartridge shell :
SD card on Memory Cartridge ?

Yeah, I know, it's "homemade"

Request : I only have a limited stock of cartridge shell, so is there somebody with a 3D printer/whatever ready to produce shells ? If you have the skillz, hardware, time and motivation to produce Saturn cartridge shells, please contact me via my homepage's contact form .
I can offer one cartridge (without shell) if you fulfill my needs

Edit : I forgot to put a picture of the cartridge itself :
Cartridges Rev 3.1, Rev 2f, Rev 1b


#1  - hitomi2500 said :

Nice filing! If you wish, i can add kai support to openscad models i published on github, just give me your dimensions. I can probably print a few samples too (not too much though). Or you can find somebody near you at 3dhubs.com.

PS. Sorry if i double or triple or whatever-multiple post, but your antispam disagrees with me on quite a trivial semantical issue.

#2  - cafealpha said :

@hitomi2500 : I have enough official cartridge shells for PCB in stock here. So it's OK for to reuse wasca shell design as-is and modify my PCB layout instead. Thank you for the link. I will check if there are 3D printer nearby, but it is likely not because I live in countryside ^^

#3  - cafealpha said :

@hitomi2500 : PS about the antispam stuff : Thank you for the bug report. I removed the "what is the 42nd letter of fxcgjkhsdfghjk word" antispam thing, because many spam bots can solve it, while humans can't, and also because spam bots don't understand what my favorite console is ...


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