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Old project release : JWPds

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Last day, I was digging in my HDD, and found an unreleased project !

Project name was JWPds, and about Japanese words/kanjis translation tool running on Nintendo DS.
Looking for the meaning of 絵 kanji on my DS :
bottom screen allows kanji input and
kanji meaning is displayed on top screen.

Looking for the meaning of 絵 kanji on my PC with JWPce.
(JWPce is not my project, it is just for comparison with JWPds)

Project is unfinished, because developing things on DS took more time than expected, and also because I learned enough Japanese, hence didn't needed to develop/use this application any more

Stable binaries and latest (not stable) sources are available, so please have fun with them

For more informations, download links, screenshots, etc, please have a look in the project page .

If you have any message, etc to send to me, don't hesitate to post a comment to this article

PS for DS fans lost here, and wanting leave a comment : comments require a Turing test asking for my favorite game console, and it's not DS
Please have a look in my blog in order to solve this test (If you are an human, it won't be difficult ).

PPS to Saturn fans here : don't worry, I don't plan to shift to DS homebrew development !
The console I like to debug on is and will always be Saturn

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