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Backup Manager - Early Version #1

Written by cafealpha 8 comments
So I'm currently making a Saturn Backup Data Manager utility.
What's this ? It is a remake of "Memory Manager" utility present in Saturn BIOS.
Sega Memory Manager utility : main screen

It already exists, and can be used from BIOS, so why making such an utility ?
I have some reasons that pushed me making this, and one of theses is that Memory Manager user interface is very cheap, especially, it doesn't allows to select multiple backup data and copy/delete them. (Dear Sega, why didn't you developed this feature ??)
Also, there are some new features I would like to add, such as hex-edit of memory data ... I have very few time to play now (real life, children, cancer, etc), so 999 lives in Backup data is a must-have feature

This utility is currently WIP, so no download link is available right now, but it is WIP enough to publish screens on my blog
So here is what it looks like now :
Backup Data Manager Main Screen

Don't trust the development progress only by looking at the main menu : everything behind is far for being finished
But at least, menu library itself is more or less completed, and I'm very glad about this point.

Here is a comparison of data selection screens :
Data Selection (Sega)
Data Selection (this utility)

Yeah, I know that Japanese text is not displaying properly ... this will be fixed, but the priority for this is low, so please be patient.
And what is the green text display on Backup Data Manager screen ? This is multiple items selection

As a bonus, here are screens of Backup Manager running on real hardware.
Pictures were taken last September, when I still had a modchipped Saturn ready for use ... after that I was busy with medical stuff, and moving to a new apartment, so my Saturn I used for testing is currently hidden in a cardboard ...
Early version of Backup Manager, picture was taken 4 months ago.
Can you spot the differences with current version ? ^^

SatLink running on my 8 years old laptop, connected to my Saturn via USB dev cart.
This development environment is by faaar more convenient than $500+ vintage
development hardware/carts/whatever floating on ebay ♪

Among the things I would like to add before a release, there is the Saturn FDD support ... but I don't own Saturn FDD unit, and the cheapest unit I could find on auction sites costs 10'000 Yens, and the seller doesn't guarantee that it still works ...
I won't pay 10K Yens for a vintage objet I will only use once a year (and I fear my wife would trash it if she founds it ), so if somebody is ready to give some time for beta testing with Saturn Floppy Disk Drive, please let me know in the comments


#1  - Alexandre TabajaraLabs said :

will you include this util on pseudosaturn code? It would be great if we could use this before booting the CD :)

#2  - cafealpha said :

@Alexandre TabajaraLabs :This is the main purpose of this utility :) It will be included directly in PseudoSaturn.

#3  - Alexandre TabajaraLabs said :

Hey! Just flashed my AR with your newer flasher...Thanks a lot for your help!

#4  - cafealpha said :

@Alexandre TabajaraLabs : I'm glad you could flash your Action Replay with my utility ! Please have fun with your Saturn :)

#5  - Spawn said :

I was looking for ways to transfer SSF saves to a Saturn and saw your post on assembler games with this link :)
I'm liking the possibility of an import / export to SSF or Yabause (I have loads of saves on PC!)

1 question though - is this only going to be on pseudo Saturn or will there be an iso version as well?


#6  - cafealpha said :

@Spawn :Thank you for your comment ! SSF/yabause import export feature will be added, but not soon, because I plan to add and test standard copy/delete/format features first. Of course iso version will be available (in fact it is already available ... on my PC only), but version embedded in PseudoSaturn will allow more features. Please check my blog from time to time for more news ;)

#7  - ReyVGM said :

Hey @Spawn, could you upload those Saturn saves you have on your PC?
I have been looking for an archive of Saturn game saves for months now and I haven't found any.
Maybe with the save states I have, and your saves I can upload them somewhere and start an archive? I'll give you credit for it of course.

#8  - cafealpha said :

@ReyVGM : Thank you for sharing your saves on segaxtreme ! They will be available for everybody on Save Data Manager, so that it will be easy to import on Saturn or emulator.


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