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PPcenter donation system updated !

Written by cafealpha 4 comments
More than 11 years ago (from winter 2005 ?), I had a "donate" page stating something like "send your money and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time".

During there 11 years, I received 15 US dollars.

And within theses 15 US dollars, I declined 10 because they were generously donated in exchange of "future help" in making a game for Saturn.

So that's something like 45 cents per year, which is also around 3.8 cents per month. I didn't checked in details, but that should be something like one Skittles per week. Not one bag of Skittles, but one bloody skittles. Per. Week

Fortunately, this era now ends, because I officially announce that I changed my donation system from "send your money and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time" to "Send everything except money, and I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time. And even if you don't donate anything, I will make cool things for Saturn on my free time anyway."
More details can be found on my donate page

And to make it clear : the motivation to change donation system is not related to money : I just spoke about money received so far in order to write something funny in my blog

I make Saturn things for fun, and not for money. As some examples, I started to design rev2f PCB in hospital room from one week after undergoing cancer surgery, and Virtual Memory Cartridge add-on for Pseudo Saturn Kai was developed and tested during my post surgery chemotherapy. Theses helped a lot to think about something else than medical things during theses times.
I don't say that Kicad and gcc are a cure for cancer (), but theses were very good help however.

And to make it clearer : yes, I sell Saturn cartridges, but no I don't make a living from selling theses. I'm not even sure I produce enough carts in order to pay every-day's breakfast from cartridges sales benefits


#1  - Josh said :

It's refreshing to know that there are people still working on a console that actually has meaning to me. I do alot of homebrew stuff myself although nothing note worthy on what you may of done. I am working on a 10mbs network modem for the saturn. I must say, i am having a hard time debugging and getting the thing to work for more then .5 seconds. I can get a connectivity light for a half second but to be honest, i thought i knew what i was getting into and i just hit a absolute brick wall. What tools do you use for better develop software for your hardware I wonder. I do not know if I will get a response as the saturn is pretty much a hidden society these days but a wonderful world i much enjoy. If you are ever incline to send me some input then please drop me a line. I would love to donate or trade, either information or stories to exchanhe.

#2  - cafealpha said :

Nice to meet people doing homebrew projects for Saturn :)
Basically, the tools I use for Saturn development are custom tools, and the most helpful ones are custom build of Yabause and SatLink, whose used together allow to show debug messages from Saturn program, in a similar way as (but more amateur than) DebugView with Windows programs. Using standard build of Yabause is also quite helpful thanks to SH-2, VDP, etc debugger features, so please take a look there if that's not already done.
If your project is (not SH-2 based but) hardware based then you may want to simulate your VHDL design (if you're using CPLD or FPGA) before testing it for real. You may also want to use logic analyzer in order to see the shape of IOs for your project : I personally use open workbench logic sniffer, which is simple, cheap, but enough for my needs.

Generally speaking, you need to be few steps ahead from your program execution : my own experience (at both personal projects and work) is : first beta version(s) will NEVER work from the first try :) So you may be prepared to understand why it doesn't works, and how to fix it.

Good luck in your project(s), and please don't hesitate to drop a line about their progress !

#3  - Josh said :

So far i can get it to work with adapters so to speak a old UNLOCKED voip adapter, there is a way to dial on the main screen but thru ip with the formate (UserID)*(IPAddress)*(PortNumber)#. example being you would enter in the dial screen 11*127*1*1*0*5060#
So the concept works, im just trying to consolidate a potential adapter or add-on, most likely the most feasible is a add on to the netlink this it will be with it's own stand along device as where it stands realistically. but thats just too much stuff, cost, and availability of devices to do it is hard to come by. Still trying to figure out a potentional server queue since i have a spare server sitting in the spare room, i want to renew purpose to make online gaming and community more available and more expanse for the saturn which is my ultimate goal. as of now it is a bit unrealistic, and i am crossing bridges where i get there. But i will take your advice and see about getting yabause a try and see if this will work then just debugging with a jtag set up which i will be honest, can understand just a very little of what is displayed. although i am concern with the meathod of yabause due to the state of it being a emulator, but from what it seems like, the room of error and debugging and code suppression and maniuplation should be brought down to a huge degree with the emulator. I hope to talk more with you in the future. Is there a email that is posted for correspondence on your site anywhere?

#4  - cafealpha said :

I hope Yabause will help you ! As far I remember, NetLink emulation is supported.

I can be emailed via my contact page ( http://ppcenter.webou.net/contact/ ), but for general questions about Saturn related development, you may prefer using SegaXtreme forums ( https://segaxtreme.net/forums/saturn-dev.34/ ).

Note : I don't provide extended help to third party projects. Why ? Simply because I don't even have enough time for my own projects :)


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