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New USB dev carts for sale !

Written by cafealpha 6 comments
Last week, I soldered new USB dev carts, so please let me know if you want to purchase one

What's new with theses carts ?
I use new PCB (Rev 2e) and flash chips that allow to store firmware larger that Action Replay firmware :
 - Action Replay Flash ROM : 256KB
 - USB dev cart Flash ROM : 512KB
It will be useful when making custom firmware for this cartridge

And, I'm now familiar with using flux when soldering ! Before, I was soldering small pitched parts (typically, the FTDI USB chip) with stain in excess, then using solder wick. This gave good results, but I wasn't satisfied with the visual aspect nearby soldering points :

Before : only stain & solder wick used to solder FTDI chip

After : flux used to solder FTDI chip

And, there are now "ROM cartridge" available for sale !
This is just an "USB-less USB dev cart", but it allows to run Pseudo Saturn firmware, and also future revisions of the firmware with ROM size larger than 256KB available on Action Replay carts. And of course, it is a little cheaper than USB dev cart

ROM cartridge ... well, this is just USB dev cart without USB modules, so nothing really new ^^;
This cartridge is interesting in the case you want an USB dev cart for dev things, and another cart for gaming purpose.


#1  - hitomi2500 said :

Most solders nowadays are actuallly a tubes filled with flux inside. And the wick itself contains some flux or rosin too. But that amount of flux is sometimes not enough, so using additional flux is a great practice. But beware, some fluxes can leave invisible stains, and they will become visible (and quite dirty-looking) only in a week or so. I recommend you to wash your boards after soldering (just like you wash apples, or in a ultrasonic bath if you have one), dry them with air compressor (they sell compressed air in small baloons if you don't own the compressor), and then heat them in a 70C oven for an hour after that.
One more thing, what king of soldering tip do you use? Using miniwave tip is better for QFP and SOP.

#2  - cafealpha said :

@hitomi2500 : I had a bad experience with liquid flux that left dirty stains, but the one (half paste/liquid) I'm using now seems OK. There's an air compressor at work that is OK to use for personal purpose, but I can't use it now (resting work because of illness ...), so I removed flux by using soft toothbrush and very few water, then kitchen paper to dry, and it seems OK even now :)

#3  - cafealpha said :

@hitomi2500 : About soldering tip : a while ago I used only solder wick and point-shaped tip ... and it was a nightmare for TQFP packages. Now I use a miniwave tip (without dent however), and drag soldering works like a charm !

#4  - phoenixdownita said :

The USB with noUSB cart is intriguing, although MCP are very cheap and maybe modding one that connect one extra address line to the cart slot may not be too hard (what do you think?).

On a different note I managed to install a region free BIOS on my Sat and now the MPEG boards boots VCD with no issues and no need fro AR, but with Pseudo it breaks.
Have you tried to boot FDD Operator disk via Pseudo? it errors out, I believe it is the same cause as per VCD player and maybe other games incompat with pseudo. Can you take a look?

#5  - cafealpha said :

@phoenixdownita : About Memory Card Plus modding : if you're ready to mod a MCP cartridge, then you're able to build a USB-less cartridge. It's not that difficult, and USB-less cartridge is completely (both hardware and software) open source.

#6  - cafealpha said :

@phoenixdownita : About VCD, FDD operator disk, Pseudo Saturn, etc : I'm currently making an enhanced version of Pseudo Saturn, and compatibility related things will be done when development of this new Pseudo Saturn will be mature enough.


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