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Gamer's Cartridge back soon ? (2023/02/28)

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Before February ends I should hurry to write an article here ... it's not like I'm forced to write things here, but as I'm paying to make my homepage being publicly available, it would be a good idea to put some contents on it from time to time

So, today topic is Gamer's Cartridge : few years ago I announced the end of their production, basically because I was lacking of free time to assemble new ones and also because I was lacking of a good plan to get cartridge shells.

Free time is still a problem, but as Gamer's Cartridge have the advantage to be easy to assemble, it is possible to produce some cartridges ... at a limited speed, but possible anyway.

The problem of cartridge shells is solved thanks to 3D printable case designed by zone66x : for a long time, Gamer's Cartridge was relying on Action Replay shells but now it uses original (and classy !) shells

I plan to open back Gamer's Cartridge sales around March 12th at the usual place, so please stay tuned until that time

大変遅くなりましたが、3月中旬にGamer's Cartridgeの販売を再開する予定です!


2023 March 10th update : some cartridges are added on Mercari Japan. Please wait for a few days until I make available them from my homepage too.
Don't hesitate to write a comment on this article in the case of any question regarding Gamer's Cartridge or when they will be available back in stock etc.

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